6 Ways Thanksgiving is Improved by Technology

Nov 22, 2016 | Social Media

Take a look at the ways technology has changed our holiday experience for the better!

How Technology has Improved Thanksgiving

The day to stuff yourselves full is just around the corner! Thanksgiving has been a cherished holiday tradition involving lots of family and lots of food. It’s a celebration of the past which means most are scolded for taking out their phones, playing on their iPads, or checking email on the computer during this day. However, without being a distraction, there are ways technology has improved Thanksgiving traditions for all of us. Take a look at these six different ways it has changed our holiday experience for the better!

1: The Dreaded Photoshoot

No more posing and smiling for twenty minutes straight while everyone waits for the camera’s automatic timer to sporadically go off. As long as the smartphone is in the right hands, family photos are easier than ever to take. Being able to efficiently capture and share photos with relatives is a huge advantage technology has provided for Thanksgiving and other momentous holidays.

2: Abundance of Recipes

Let’s face it, it was always a little daunting to have to decipher Great Grandma’s cursive or memorize every step a relative takes while cooking. With access to the internet from tablets and smartphones, pulling up recipes from all around the world right in the middle of your kitchen counter is easier than ever. There are even applications out there that can photograph and save Grandma’s recipes within these devices to be used and shared easily with everyone else in the family.

3: Football Game or Macy’s Parade?

It’s a given that if you have family over, there’s going to be disagreements. However, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has provided a solution to a hefty, recurring problem. Thanks to technology, there’s no more fighting over who gets control of the TV remote. DVR allows family members to record their chosen holiday TV and save for later.

4: Cyber Monday

Hate getting up early just to stand in lines outside for hours on end? Don’t worry about missing out on all the deals, simply do all of your shopping at home online during Cyber Monday. Make use of this modern holiday and explore countless stores online that you would never have enough time in the day to visit! There are all kinds of different deals and oftentimes you can land free shipping on orders as well.

5: Personal IT Team for Relatives

The tech world is not as friendly for older generations who have not had the chance to grow with it and get accustomed to using it all. Thanksgiving is a day for relatives to ask each other for help with their devices since they will likely have a whole IT team surrounding them. Teach your aunt how to text so your cousin doesn’t have to get phone calls every time she needs to check in.

6: FaceTime Family That Couldn't Make It

Have empty seats at the dinner table? Nowadays, relatives can’t get off that easy. Using video applications like FaceTime or Skype allows family members from any location to call each other during the holidays. Now instead of just a phone call we can have face-to-face interaction with the ones we miss most.

Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives so it makes sense that we often forget about the major limits we'd have without it. So, stay thankful! Keep these tech uses in mind to bring your family even closer during your Thanksgiving celebrations. Stay tuned for more tech news and updates through our blogs.

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