7 Steps to Creating Your 2016 Digital Marketing Strategy

Jan 12, 2016 | Content Marketing

Need help creating your 2016 digital marketing strategy? Follow these 7 simple steps!

Digital Marketing Plan

Need help creating your 2016 digital marketing strategy? Follow these 7 simple steps!

1) Create a 2015 Report

The first thing you should do is report on the hits and misses of your 2015 digital marketing strategy. By creating a report you will get a better grasp on what you did over the past year, which tactics paid off, and which ones you could go without. Round up all of your digital marketing channels and the top statistics from each. Present this report to a team of stakeholders to get outside input and keep this report handy as you move forward.

2) Conduct Research

Your next step is to conduct some research to see what is new in 2016. By doing away with a few 2015 tactics, you can make room for some new opportunities. Social media is constantly changing. See how you can add in a new platform, take advantage of advertising or set up a contest in 2016. Conducting thorough research will help you make informed decisions as you develop your New Year strategy.

3) Identify Your Channels

Once your background research and reporting is complete, you can safely choose the channels you want to be on in 2016. Remember that digital marketing is not set in stone. Make a plan for where you want to start in 2016 but know that it isn’t where you need to end. Decide which social platforms you will be on and how you can incorporate other channels into your strategies like email marketing, blogging, and AdWords.

4) Set Your Goals

Each channel that you are on should have specific goals. The only way to truly measure your successes at the end of the year is by identifying attainable goals at the beginning. Determine which metrics are most important to you. Some people count likes and engagement rates while others focus on conversions. Record these goals and determine how they will be measured before kicking off your strategy.

5) Approve Your Budget

Allocating your budget is a very important step to creating your overall strategy. A budget allows you to advertise on social media, spend time on AdWords, and send email blasts. Get your budget approved as soon as possible and begin identifying where it will be spent. If your budget allows for it, this may be the time to hire another team member or a seasonal intern!

6) Develop a Calendar

A master editorial calendar will help you stay on top of your multiple marketing channels and manage larger campaigns. We recommend utilizing an Excel workbook or Google Sheets to manage all of your channels and their details. Outline quarterly goals and tactics in addition to marking any holidays or company events. This master calendar will help you to avoid writer’s block and stay on top of all of the moving parts.

7) Assign Roles

If you have more than one person on your digital marketing team, your last step is assigning roles. Knowing at the beginning of the year who will take on which tasks will ensure that everything gets done. If you are a one-person team, revisit your channels to ensure that your strategy is manageable. Remember that having your co-workers guest blog is always a great option!

Once you complete these seven steps, you will be ready to dive into your 2016 strategy! If you need help managing your digital marketing strategy, feel free to contact Informatics.

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