The Holiday Email Marketing Guide

Dec 15, 2016 | Email Marketing

If you’re planning to send emails to your clients or customers this holiday season, you will want to keep these very important tips in mind.


Did you know that “email marketing drives 20% of online orders during the holiday season” (Sellbrite)? If you’re planning to send emails to your clients or customers this holiday season, you will want to keep these very important tips in mind. From subject line matter to the contents of your email, every little detail counts. Improve your open and click rates this Christmas with our Holiday Email Marketing Guide.

1. The Science of the Perfect Holiday Subject Line

A lot is riding on your subject line because it determines whether you hook your audience into reading the entirety of the email. There is a science to creating the perfect subject line. You will have to keep in mind everything from the length of the subject line (shorter is better) to the call to action (CTA). Even understanding that emojis perform well in subject lines but all capital letters do not, will help you increase your open rate. And if you’re sending a Christmas email, keep in mind that “Retail brands that send emails with the word ‘Christmas’ in the subject line see their average open rates jump 26% when compared to emails that simply use the word ‘Holiday(s)’” (Media Post).

2. Mobile-Friendliness is a Must

According to Litmus, mobile views back up 56% of email market share. That makes responsive emails especially important this holiday season. If you want your open and click rates to increase, make sure your email template is mobile-friendly.

3. Make it Shareable on Social

Social media is a key player in any digital marketing strategy. Boost your visibility by encouraging social media shares within your email. If you have a great offer or discount, include “share to social” buttons and prompt your subscribers to pass along to their friends. This concept of social sharing will also increase your brand awareness through multiple platforms.

4. Spice Things up with Imagery, Animation or Video

It should come as no surprise that most of your subscribers prefer imagery over text. Keep them engaged with plenty of images this holiday season; you can even consider animation, like GIFs, or embedding video in your emails. In 2015, emails that “included animation were clicked on 30% more than expected based on other trends” (Experian). Give it a try!

5. It’s All About The Amazing Offers

At the end of the day, consumers just want to get a great deal. If you are a retail brand offering a special discount this holiday season, don’t be afraid to make that the focus of your email! According to Experience, free shipping was the most popular offer in 2015.

If you need assistance with setting up or sending holiday email campaigns, contact Informatics today.

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