Landing Pages 101: The Big Picture

Mar 1, 2016 | Web Development

Starting a new digital marketing campaign? Follow these big picture concepts when creating your landing pages.

Landing Page

Landing pages are a separate page on your website that is hidden from the website navigation. This allows it to be accessible only via a specific link which is useful to provide easy tracking of your campaign goals. Last week’s blog discussed the purpose and framework for landing pages. To complete the picture, read below for tips to keep in mind when designing and creating content for your landing page…

A Targeted Picture

When a customer comes through the link, they have already completed the first step towards conversion, but you only have about 8 seconds to convince them to stay. With that in mind, the clear and singular goal for this landing page should be geared to the prospect that arrives there. If the conversion goal is to sell a product, then don’t try to add the prospect to an email subscription list.

All prospects are not the same, and they do not consume information the same way. When you are creating the message to acquire the prospect, be sure to A/B test. Does your target audience respond better to a message emphasizing urgency or are they more interested in convenience? When you have acquired the prospect and they have landed on your page, make sure that you are carrying that message through. Don’t underestimate the power of testing. Through it you can hone your message to appeal to a particular audience that you want to grow whether it is new homebuyers or retirement age travelers.

A Consistent Picture

The landing page should be part of a consistent, seamless transition toward the goal. When the customer clicks on a sale for a specific product, make sure that is what they find when they land there. Remember you have 8 seconds to keep the prospects on your site. You promised to deliver something to them when they clicked through to your site and if they feel you haven’t delivered on that promise in less than 8 seconds, they will move on.

A page that has a consistent picture will be free of distractions. There are a number of things that can distract the prospect from the one goal to convert including low quality images, improper grammar, and links within your content to other offers or information on your site. On the other side of that coin, it is good practice to help direct the prospects attention.

A Strategic Picture

When you create your page, know where you want the prospect to go next. Are they entering all their information at once to get a quote or are they moving through a three step process? Guide the prospect through the steps toward conversion through the use of creative and visual cues, but make sure to track their actions.

The landing page may have been created, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. Collect the tracking information and study the metrics to make sure that your prospects are converting. When you find a problem area, adjust quickly and make the campaign work for you.

If you would like assistance with reviewing or creating landing pages, please contact Informatics.

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