Sales-Boosting E-Commerce Tips – Part 2

Apr 12, 2016 | Ecommerce

Effective e-commerce is not a one time event! Check out these tips for ideas on how to improve your e-commerce site.

Sales Boosting

Part 1 of this series delved into several sales-boosting tips, but there is always room for improvement and adjustment. Check out more tips below to keep your marketing goals on target.

Respond Immediately to Customer Inquiries

Customers in a traditional brick-and-mortar store have the ability to ask a sales associate their questions before purchasing a product. There are several ways that this can be offered in an online environment to increase conversions, including:

  • A live chat service
  • Virtual assistants
  • Social media engagement

Use any or all of these as opportunities to showcase your customer service.

Use Reviews and Followings to Show your Product’s Value

Customer reviews and followings provide an advantage to online environments over traditional stores. Displaying customer reviews, showcasing any product or brand followings on social media, and using influencers that promote your brand all add value to the product that cannot be displayed as easily in stores. Customer reviews have the added advantage of producing another touch point. When a recent purchaser provides their feedback, engage with them!

Personalize the Buyer Experience

Consumers are looking for ways to customize their lives and that can be provided in subtle ways on your website. Display a welcome message addressing a returning customer by name and recommend products based on past purchases and past viewed items. Consider other ideas, such as offering personalized plans that send email reminders on how to complete their next project through your store.

Simplify the Cart to Purchase Experience

No one wants an abandoned cart! Strive to reduce the number of clicks that it takes from landing page to cart by:

  • Improving search functions
  • Simplifying navigation menus
  • Implementing a quick view popover

Also, provide your consumers with features that encourage adding products to their cart, such as registries, wish lists, and ‘compare products’ features. But don’t stop there. If the consumer leaves products in the cart, reach out through email to bring them back to complete the purchase.

Streamline the Process from Purchase to Delivery

Strive to provide the simplest path from the purchase to the product in hand. Even if you are not set up to provide ‘same day delivery’, you can display product availability at specific store locations and offer pick up options. You could even develop a native application to order and pickup your product, similar to the Starbucks and Chipotle applications.

If you would like assistance with e-commerce enhancements, please contact Informatics.

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