How a Drip Marketing Campaign Works

Apr 2, 2020 | Email Marketing

Trying to increase return visitors to your website? Keep your customers engaged by utilizing automated drip marketing campaigns.

Drip Marketing Campaign

We all receive tens, if not hundreds of emails daily. Some good, some not so good. Try to think of which ones you engage the most with? Which companies or campaigns regularly keep your interest and have you clicking in to read more? Many of the companies you're thinking of are utilizing drip marketing campaigns. But what is a drip marketing campaign, and how does it work? 

What is a Drip Marketing Campaign?

A drip marketing campaign is a set of automated emails that are built based on user interactions or timelines. These automated emails allow your business to stay in touch with your customers or clients at optimal times. Not only can these campaigns increase user engagement, but they can also save you time. Although the initial setup process can feel daunting, once completed, you'll be ready to interact with your user base on a completely different level. 

When setting up your drip campaign, you'll want to consider these three factors: 

  1. Consistency - How frequently should the emails be sent out? 
  2. Timing - When will be the best times to follow up with users? 
  3. Messaging - Does the message match with a user's timeline? 

How Does a Drip Marketing Campaign Work?

Drip campaigns are designed to look like a workflow chart. This means that based on any particular actions or timeline, the appropriate messaging will be sent to them according to your configuration. "Did this user open up the last email that was sent?" If yes, they'll be moved into the workflow that won't receive any more emails until the next month. If no, they'll be sent a follow up email with some form of promotion.

Below are examples of drip emails that you may want to consider for your campaign: 

  • Welcome - Greet new customers by providing additional information on what you have to offer and how they can interact with you in the future. Welcome emails can be sent immediately after a sign up from your website or a first-time purchase.  
  • Abandoned Purchase - For ecommerce websites, building abandoned cart or purchase emails are perfect to re-engage with customers. Remind them of the products they were so close to purchasing and provide messaging to nudge them in the right direction. 
  • Recommendations - Based on previous engagement, you can make recommendations to continue a particular user's engagement. This could be items related to previous purchases, or recommended articles based on information previously read on your site. 
  • Confirmation - Whether a customer just purchased from your website, or signed up for your e-newsletter, it's important to provide them confirmation of this action. A simple "thank you" paired with what to expect and look forward to in the future helps set the tone of your campaign. 
  • Unsubscribe - Although it's never fun to lose a user, it's always important to follow up and thank them for the time they spent as a customer of yours. If possible, it could be beneficial to send a short survey asking their reason for leaving to that you can improve your processes in the future.  

Begin planning your next drip campaign by using the information above. Always remember to keep consistency, timing, and messaging in mind, as well as which type of emails to send to your users. If you have any questions on setting up your drip marketing campaign, feel free to contact the Digital Marketing Specialists at Informatics today! 

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