3 Tips for Timely Social Media

Aug 29, 2017 | Social Media

Relating to your audience on social media is essential. Learn how to incorporate more timely posts into your schedule.

3 Tips for Timely Social Media

Looking for ways to relate to your audience on social media? Consider incorporating more timely posts into your schedule. Timely social media posts are effective because they tap into what consumers are currently interested in. The following tips will help you create posts that get consumers' attention:

1. Keep an Eye on Trending News

When big news breaks, people often turn to social media to talk about what's happening. Paying attention to hot topics on Facebook and Twitter can lead to ideas for posts on your social channels. Here are a few easy things you can do to stay updated:

  • Subscribe to news alerts: Google Alerts or notifications from unbiased news sources offer quick current events updates.
  • Check trending hashtags on Twitter each day: Trending hashtags might document major events like #SolarEclipse2017 or simply provide a prompt like #TuesdayThoughts. Using them can widen the reach of your posts.
  • Stay active on social media outside of work: Breaking news happens on nights and weekends, too. Don't miss a golden opportunity to engage with your audience.

2. Mark Holidays on Your Social Calendar

Major holidays like Halloween and Christmas and even lesser-known celebrations like National Ice Cream Day often open up opportunities to connect with your audience. One great thing about them is that they are easy to plan for ahead of time. Note special dates on your social media schedule to remind yourself to create content for these posts in advance. It's helpful to use a social media scheduling platform like HootSuite to schedule holiday posts so you don't have to manually post them on days off.

3. Stay on Brand

Sometimes it can be tempting to jump on the social media bandwagon and post about something just because it's trending. Your audience expects a certain tone and type of content from you, so remember to stay on brand. If National Dog Day is trending, but you sell medical devices, it might not make sense to post about it. Though everyone loves a cute dog video, your followers will likely be confused if you post one unless it relates to your business in some way.

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