Kinetic Typography: What is it?

Aug 10, 2017 | Media Production

Kinetic typography is a fancy term for a moving text video.


Words convey strong messages. But in choosing the right typography, they can also become an effective design element that appeals even stronger to the eye. Starting with the basics first, typography is the style and appearance of type. Kinetic typography is a fancy term for a moving text video. It includes expanding, shrinking, flying, growing and changing text in numerous ways. Video animators use this concept to display tone and emotion matching their fonts with motion effects. 

Types of kinetic typography: 

1. Motion Typography:

in this layout, the text elements move in relation to one another. Words can move closer or farther away within a 2D plane or a 3-dimensional space. One example includes the scrolling typography on the big screen we often see at the end of a movie to display all of its end credits. However, it can get much more complicated and creative than the simple motion of text moving from the top to the bottom of the screen.

2. Fluid Typography:

this relatively new concept includes the direct change of letterforms and not necessarily their locations. Web developers have started to implement this effect into their web designs to create unique visual motion for their sites.

With video being an extremely trending and effective digital marketing strategy, typography videos are a good choice. They are a quick and easy way to get your message across any social media platform. Because the video is composed of text, it doesn't necessarily have to be narrated which means your audience doesn't need their sound on to get its full effect. These videos don't have to be long, in fact, the shorter the better because your audience likely won't have a long attention span anyways! It is suggested to stick between 1-3 minutes if you have the intent to get results solely from social media. Lastly, these videos don't take a lot of resources or time to make. Kinetic typography is often produced using all of your standard animation programs like Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, etc. 

Thinking a typography video may be just the thing you need for your marketing campaign? We have creative content writers who will work with you to develop an engaging storyline that fits just right. Our designers will then create a customized, exclusive video to get your message out there! Contact Informatics today to learn more.

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