How Do You Market on Reddit?

Aug 4, 2023 | Social Media

Reddit offers plenty of opportunities for brands to directly connect with their audiences, and not just by showing them ads. Here's how and why you business should get started:

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Though it’s often overlooked by marketers, Reddit is a popular social media platform that offers significant potential for your brand. Consider the following stats: 

Quick Facts About Reddit 

  • Reddit has approximately 500 million monthly users (Reddit, 2023) 
  • Over 1 in 3 18-29 year olds in the U.S. use Reddit (HubSpot
  • Reddit ranks sixth as the most visited site in the U.S. (EarthWeb
  • 56% of Reddit users are male, while 44% are female (Reddit, 2023) 

Our social media experts recently spoke to Reddit and walked away with the inside scoop for marketers. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, businesses can find communities that align with their audiences’ interests and make a name for themselves in two distinct ways: 

By joining the conversation

Reddit users respect brands that invest in conversations, not just paid ads. On this platform, doing so is pretty easy.  

The website is made up of subreddits, or communities built around specific interests. (If you’re a marketer, think of these as pre-built segments.) Brands should look to join groups that not only relate to their industry but also to their consumers/customer interests. For example, Home Depot would look to join r/tools (industry) but also r/DIYprojects.  

Organic Reddit

Once you’ve found the right subreddits, you’ll want to interact with posts in a way that is helpful, not promotional. Because these groups are run by Reddit users looking to create a positive and educational environment, they won’t hesitate to kick out brands that take every opportunity to link to their product pages. Instead, think of yourself as a thought-leader and thoroughly answer questions posed. Returning to our Home Depot example, they might answer a “How do I lay tile” question with a step-by-step explanation.  

Sometimes, users specifically ask for product or service recommendations. In this case, it’s completely fair to promote yourself. Just ensure you’re posting a justification along with the link. Whenever possible, cite reviews or case studies that can add credibility to the thing you’re recommending. 

By running ads

Reddit ads - examples

Like most major social media platforms, Reddit sells a variety of ad types. Businesses can promote their products or services in the form of images, videos, or carousels.  

Unlike other platforms, however, Reddit ads don’t bother with commonly targeted demographics like age or income level. (We know, this goes against all your marketing instincts). But they do something arguably more impactful: They harness the power of the platform’s prebuilt interest groups.  

This means businesses can choose one (or several of) the over 100,000 active communities to place their ads in, ensuring that everyone who sees the ad has a relevant interest. This process also works in reverse, meaning you can run an ad on the homepage, targeting people who belong to certain interest groups. 

Reddit ads can be placed in:

  • Home feeds
  • Subreddits
  • Comments

If you’re a regional brand, don’t fret. Location targeting is one traditional demographic you’re able to target. 

Ready to dive into the vast, yet niche world of Reddit? Our social media marketing experts are here to help you identify potential communities and develop a successful strategy. Reach out! 

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