Building The Perfect Landing Page

Dec 19, 2019 | Web Design

Depending on the purpose of the landing page you're creating, it can be difficult deciding on a layout. Learn more on building the ideal landing page below.

Perfect Landing Page

Whether you're trying to sell a product or get users to sign up for a newsletter, custom landing pages are the ideal addition for your site. Landing pages are built to bring in consumers to convert on an action without any distractions from additional content. When thinking about creating a new landing page for your website, there are many factors you should take into consideration. First you need to think about what the purpose of the page is. Once you have this question answered, you can start thinking about the other components that go into creating the perfect landing page.

Key Components

  1. Headline - Set the tone of the page with distinct messaging in your header. This needs to be compelling enough to keep the readers interested and on the page, while also getting your point across. 
  2. Description - Explain what your business has to offer and why a consumer should reach out. You should be clear and concise, but at the same time, persuasive. When possible, insert popular keywords. 
  3. Image or Video - Imagery is very important to drive home your point of view and bring in your desired conversions. If possible, videos are proving to be even more beneficial. Not only are consumers more likely to stay on your page and watch, but this lets you get your message across in a more stimulating and interesting way
  4. Form - The final important component of your new landing page will be the form. Forms are where users can input their information and where you finally receive that conversion. It's very important that the form is configured correctly and the information entered goes to a place where you can easily follow up. For example, an email subscription list for a newsletter.

Things to Note

  • Clear and Clean - The overall appearance of your landing page should be very organized and funnel the user to the form. Any clutter could cause distractions that may make them bounce away or not complete the action you want them to. 
  • New - Do not re-purpose current pages on your website or previously built landing pages. Your page should be specific to the purpose that it's built for.  

Whether your pitching a product or service for your business, following these key recommendations will help you create the perfect landing page for your website. If you have any questions or could use some help, be sure to contact the digital specialists at Informatics Inc.

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