Why Digital Marketing is Important in the Super Bowl

Feb 3, 2017 | Social Media

Get your head in the game.

Digital marketing during the super bowl

Gone are the days when competing television ads posted to YouTube were enough to maximize on marketing efforts on Super Bowl events. If your brand is wanting to take advantage of the biggest American sporting event of the year, then you better start learning the ways of digital marketing. Utilize social media, display advertising, as well as paid and organic search in order to effectively reach an entire new audience and gain visibility across-the-board.

Social Media

This year, 30-seconds worth of advertising costs $5 million. Social media provides an outlet for brands to get involved in the game’s action without spending an arm and a leg. Now that live social media interaction is possible, taking advantage of calling out users to interact through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the game can easily enhance brand awareness. Any content used should have a strong message and really engage consumers. Successful brands will have a thorough strategy for what their voice will be and how they plan to connect with their users online.

Search Engine Optimization

During the game, fans watching the Super Bowl tune in to learn more about specific brands they see and to find other information they might have missed. Video ads get replayed over and over as they get shared with other fans. Allow your marketing strategy to incorporate a mobile-friendly landing page for Super Bowl-related queries to feature in search engine results pages so you can take advantage.

Paid Search Ads

It is still important to own organic content that is relevant to your brand especially if related to the Super Bowl. However, paid search ads get top spot for their dollars (as in it’s very much worth it). Brands who choose this route should hone in on what keywords are most relevant to their brand so they can realistically reach the top of those page results.

How Do We Know this Digital Effort Has Paid Off?

For one thing, there is a very clear financial benefit to taking advantage of online ads versus paying millions for only seconds on the air. There’s also clear visibility of impressions, views, interactions and site visits that can show how advertising has positively impacted brands. So, get your head in the game and use this opportunity to engage your brand online during this massive event!

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