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Feb 13, 2018 | Social Media

Using Facebook Ads Manager, get the most out of your Facebook ads with these 4 helpful tricks!

Facebook Advertising Tips

Do you have a Facebook Advertising account set up for your company? Do you use Facebook Ads Manager to maintain your Facebook ads? If not, pause what you are doing and switch your account over to Ads Manager here. Not only is Ads Manager the best way to manage all of your Facebook ads, it is required for most of the tricks in this blog. Are you all set up? Good, let's get started!

1. A/B Test Your Audience

The first Facebook ad trick we recommend trying is A/B testing your audience using variable "Ad Sets." When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, you will determine your audience at the "Ad Set" level. This is also where you will specify your budget. We recommend creating two or more ad sets so you can easily manage the budget and monitor results for different audiences. You can create different ad sets if you are targeting more than one location, if you want to split your audience by age group or if you want to target by interest (and this isn't an exhaustive list - the possibilities are endless).

After setting up and naming your campaign, you will be directed to the Ad Set level where you will specify audience, budget and time frame. One easy way to create a 2nd ad set (using the same ad) is to complete the first ad set and ad, then go back and duplicate the ad set. This will make an editable copy of the ad set and ad. Now you can modify the ad set while ensuring that the ads for each ad set are identical. 

2. Run a Carousel Ad

If you have multiple products or services to showcase in one ad, the best way to execute this is by running a carousel ad. Carousel ads allow you to show up to 10 cards (products or services) in one advertisement. This is especially beneficial when showcasing a handful of different products at different price points while linking to unique landing pages. 

The "Ad" level of your campaign setup is where you will specify carousel ad. From here, it is pretty straightforward as to what information you will plug in. Don't forget to add a card at the end with your Page profile picture and link to a general landing page (i.e. your website homepage). Also, take advantage of Facebook's different call-to-action button options! While you cannot create your own, there are a handful of options to choose from. Some popular options include "shop now", "learn more", "contact us" and "apply now". 

3. Add a Pixel to Your Website

Especially important for e-commerce websites, adding the Facebook pixel to your website helps you track online conversions. Even if you do not have an e-commerce website, the Facebook pixel can track other important conversions such as specific page views and form completions. The pixel will also allow you to target your ads toward people who have visited your website in the past.

If you want to add the Facebook pixel to your website, we recommend working with your developer to do so. Check out these detailed directions on creating and implementing the pixel

4. Target Your Competitors

When setting up your Facebook ad, there are a lot of options for audience targeting. One technique you should definitely take advantage of is the ability to target your competitors. At the "Ad Set" level, you will have the option to do detailed targeting. Here you can specify demographics, interests or behaviors of your target audience. To target your competitors, begin typing their names into the box until a suggestion matching what you're looking for pops up. If your exact competitor does not pop up, you can target a similar audience by searching for the industry

If you need assistance with any of these ad techniques or even just getting started with Facebook advertising, contact Informatics Inc. Our team of social media marketing experts are well-versed in Facebook advertising and ready to take your strategy to the next level!

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