How to Get Employees Involved in Social Media

Jan 5, 2017 | Social Media

Learn about how to get employees involved in company social media platforms.

How to Get Employees Involved in Social Media

Social Media is all about the audience. Without a large platform, any social media channel will only trudge along a slow path to gaining popularity and brand awareness. There is one secret weapon that all businesses have but might not realize, and that is their employees. According to, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, so you can bet money that most of your employees have at least one of their own social media platforms they use regularly. No one gets ecstatic about mixing their work life with their personal life so it can be tricky to get your team onboard, but if you follow these simple steps you might see results that will not only increase your company’s following but also bring your employees closer.

1. Find a Tool to Keep Everyone Connected

Whether you’re a company of 300 or 15 people, it is important to keep all employees connected with a general messenger app. Slack is a good example of an app that allows users to private and publicly message each other. It allows members to create channels and share images which provides ample opportunity to keep everyone updated with what is happening within the company at all times. Using a general app like this results in large amounts of varied and new material for those who manage your company’s social media.

2. Spotlight Your Employees

Everyone likes to be bragged about. One pretty obvious way to get your employees to engage is to put them in the spotlight. It never hurts to banter on about how much the company appreciates a person’s hard work or new idea especially if they get a flattering photo featured at the top of the page they can tag themselves in. This not only boosts employee morale but allows impressions and engagements from their personal audience following. The targeted reach for the post will most likely double in size!

3. Make It Easy & Fun

If you want employees to do any kind of extra work at all, you have to make it fun. It also helps if there’s a pretty easy process involved. It can be as simple as promoting tweeting and taking selfies during the hosting of company lunches or other fun social activities. Make it easy by simply having them email or Slack you their images. This way you take the work off of their hands and control what is most relevant/appropriate to post. Note that giving social media access to one employee allows ease of scheduling as well.

Since social media has become such a huge outlet for brand awareness, it’s important to realize the free and easy resources you can take advantage of through these major platforms. Want to take it to the next step and promote your brand even more strategically? Contact Informatics today and we’ll take care of all the social media opportunities you didn’t even know you had!

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