How to Respond to Negative Feedback on Social Media

Jan 12, 2017 | Social Media

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It’s become more and more common for businesses to extend their brand and services through social media outlets. With this comes a new need for monitoring responses and notifications so as to keep up with customer interaction. You get the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to how customers respond to your page. The following tips will help you get through the ugly so you can maintain a good reputation for your brand:

Create a Process

Before you even begin to think about starting to handle social media feedback there should always be a process agreed upon first. Create a weekly schedule of who handles the channel and when (if there is more than one administrator). Have a general knowledge of the steps it takes when a particular inquiry comes through that you alone cannot answer. Know the contact information of departments you can refer your customers to and install applications through your various devices with common responses to optimize your reply time.

Respond to Almost Everything

In addition to having a fast response time it is important to have a large response rate in general. Ideally, having responses for over 90% of feedback is a decent goal to strive for. When customers see that you respond to comments, questions, and that you do make resolutions to problems, they will view your brand as professional and caring. It might be both surprising and unsurprising that social media has now become another opportunity for quality customer service.

Identify the Type of Negative Feedback

Heads up: this is simply a notification from a consumer that they are having issues and might need some kind of immediate assistance.

Constructive: an example would include a Facebook review that gives 3/5 stars and includes a few sentences explaining a consumer’s loyalty but that there are things your business could improve upon. They are coming from a generally good place but want you to be aware of the issues they’ve come across.

Complete Dissatisfaction: the web provides an easy outlet for people who need to get their anger out in ways they won’t be reprimanded for. It’s become easier for people to lash out behind their screens and say things they would never truly say in person. Don’t let these types of comments ruin your brand’s reputation. The most important part of this reply will be the apology. Let the consumer know you empathize with them and end the conversation as quickly as possible so it can’t be dragged on, because you know they will if given the opportunity.

Know When to Direct Message

Sometimes you may not have all the answers or may not know exactly what a customer is asking in the first place. To avoid letting everyone else in on the conversation it is often best to start direct messaging a respondent in these situations. This also allows them opportunity to provide personal contact information that they may not want to share publicly.

Don’t Take It Personally

Last but certainly not least, never take complaints personally. These customers have no idea who is on the other side of your business page responding because they are, quite literally, talking to a brand. It can be difficult at times to remember, but you’re representing a company, not yourself. Don’t get hung up on the conversation, simply apologize and move on from the situation if providing a solution doesn’t seem to be enough for them.

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