Why Social Media Should Be Taught in Higher Education

Jan 24, 2017 | Social Media

Employers have high expectations for professional social media management.

Social Media

According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users has reached 1.96 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.5 billion by 2018.

Social media has not only become a hobby that everyone shares, it’s also become a significant tool within the workplace. Companies have reaped the benefits of creating their own business profiles and have used social media outlets to expand on brand awareness as well as maintain a new form of efficient customer service. Because it has become such a major trend and asset for companies all around, employers now have high expectations for professional media management.

Some people may think there’s not much to it. However, you’d be surprised at how successful a company can quickly get when the right, educated person implements the right strategy into their marketing efforts. There are many different areas to consider when learning about social media and many higher education classes are already starting to expand upon them:

Brand Summary:

Considering which audiences certain types of brands target is key to developing a clear marketing strategy, especially through ads and posts that are created. Brands need to convey specific messages and it takes strategic input to develop clear text that will market the messages best in order to reach the right prospective or current consumers.

Online Reputation:

Learning proper online etiquette is key to maintaining a respectful brand reputation. Using language that is most efficient and depicts a clear response for the consumer is important especially coinciding with a fast response time. This also includes customer service knowledge in how to reply to unhappy customers properly as well as which departments or people to direct them towards when unable to provide answers to specific inquiries.

Content Strategy & Implementation:

Getting all the way down to the metrics of social media is a top priority because it is important to analyze performance success or lack thereof. Being able to pull the results and analyze factors based on those results, such as target audiences and key objectives, allows room for success in any marketing plan involving social media.

Getting the basics down is easy, but knowing exactly how to analyze social media metrics takes marketing to a whole new level that a lot of companies haven’t even thought to reach. Professional media management includes knowing all about how to market the brand and utilize professional platforms to do so efficiently. Educators are seeing the importance of this new marketing trend and see the need to implement courses that teach the above themes and maximize use of professional media. For weekly updated trends in the social media world, follow our Informatics blogs today!

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