Top 10 Features of the New Informatics Website

Jan 10, 2019 | Web Design

Which features do you want for your own site?

Informatics launched a new website in 2019. The front and back-end designs are bursting with features you'll want for your own digital home - cutting-edge visuals, contemporary technical flair, fast load-times, and fully optimized for search engines. Below are our 10 favorite features of the new design.

1. Interactivity

Our creative designers developed sleek visual elements that invite the user to become part of the experience with hover state graphics that reveal additional information beyond first glance and call the visitor to act.

2. Responsive Contact Button

The primary function of a website is lead and prospect generation - we aren't just driving traffic to a location for traffic's sake. Any design element that doesn't keep prospects in mind can lead to lost business. Keeping your call-to-action prominent on all pages across all devices is a necessary step for increasing sales on the web. The art of optimizing content for performance across different devices - desktop, phone, tablet, etc. - is called "responsive design." Our new site has a mobile-friendly contact button that remains constantly available, even when the rest of the navigation collapses on a smaller device. 

3. Customized Content

Two of the main areas of focus for our team were revamping all of the on-site text and redesigning a targeted sitemap for a more efficient user experience. We conducted extensive research, discovering the keywords for which we were ranking strongly and identifying areas for growth as well as audience research to discover what our users were looking for. Then we made it increasingly simple for those desires to be satisfied. 

4. Schema Markup

This is a highly valuable feature to implement if you want to dictate the information about your business on a search engine results page, for instance guiding it to display your upcoming events. Schema markup is a coding vocabulary that was built collaboratively between engineers at Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Web designers can mark vital pieces of information so that search engines don't just understand WHAT is on a web page, but the schema markup code tells the search provider what the information MEANS. 

5. Google Analytics Goal Tracking

Now, with Google Analytics Goal Tracking, any site action can be tracked. We are obsessive about measuring performance. Clicks, downloads, form submissions and more - they can all be established as goals, and then those actions are automatically tracked.

6. GDPR Regulation Compliancy

Any company that does business with European citizens or within European borders is required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Visitors' data must be secured and there are huge risks to non-compliance. The Informatics site is now optimized for GDPR compliance, and this service is available to our clients doing business abroad. 

7. Custom Photography

Our new website features an array of custom images, showcasing our team and communicating our culture. Our full-service media team is available to create custom high-quality images, either on location, or in our state-of-the-art studio.

8. Time-Lapse Video

Our media team is always looking for creative ways to tell a story. Watch the narrative unfold in this time-lapse video from the Informatics 20th Anniversary event.

9. GZIP Compression

The code of a website is full of bulky (sometimes redundant) text. GZIP compression makes sites load at lightning speeds by eliminating those redundancies and making it easier for a web browser to read a site. Utilizing GZIP Compression also conveniently reduces bandwidth usage, which can reduce costs for site owners.

10. Browser Caching

Browser caching dramatically speeds up page load speeds by storing fetched data for a set period of time, making it immediately available rather than forcing viewers to wait. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox fetch data from a server, then translate and display it for users. Giving users instant gratification is a key to a satisfying web experience.

Life moves fast, and you need your website to move at the same speed. Informatics can make your site look modern, feel inviting, and function at the height of profitability. If your website isn't seeing the returns you want, it's time to contact our team


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