How Your Business Can Use TikTok to Make a Splash

Jan 28, 2022 | Social Media

Does your social media strategy incorporate TikTok? From influencer marketing to company culture content, here's how your business can take advantage of the platform:

TikTok app

Social media platforms are always evolving. After all, what once started out as the middle schooler-run dancing app has evolved into TikTok. With more downloads than any other app in 2020, it's quickly become of the most popular platforms for users of all ages.

This short-form style video app allows users to easily create and share videos. With clips ranging from doctors giving professional advice to hilarious "epic-fail" moments, it can certainly seem like the wild wild west of social media platforms.

But if you bear with us, you might just see how brands can reap enormous benefits and why your business should consider signing up for TikTok.

To Participate In Trends 

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Creating and replicating trends is the bread and butter of this platform. This can be anything from trending sounds to trending prompts.

Because of TikTok’s algorithm, participating in trends makes your video much more likely to be viewed.

For example, a popular prompt last year was “tell me without telling me,” in which you show instead of describe. Many users used this trend to highlight a unique interest or background, but businesses soon caught on. They created “tell me you work at ___ without telling me” videos to showcase their brands.

This is just one example of how trends can be retooled for businesses. And if you’re not quite up on the latest-and-greatest TikTok trends, don’t worry. Our team of social media experts is here to help with a list of ideas of popular trends and what your organization do to make them your own.

To Introduce The Company 

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While videos like these likely won’t go viral, they’re just as important to have on your page. When someone searches for your company or stumbles upon your page, it’s nice to see the faces behind the brand.

When thinking about your digital marketing strategy, relationship marketing should be just as important as promoting your products or services. Generic company descriptions and lifeless profile photos say very little about an organization.

The newest generation of shoppers say they are looking for their brands to be transparent and "real." Creating short, personal videos introduce your brand personality and show your company values the people who work there. 

To Work With Influencers 

Influencer speaking

Influencer marketing has been around for a while, and brands utilize it on virtually every major social media platform. The process of finding someone with a large following and similar target audience is the same on TikTok. However, the TikTok platform presents new opportunities for influencers to showcase your product.

Instead of having someone pose for a photo on Instagram with your product or share a brief testimonial on their story, Tik Tok influencers can incorporate the product into the content. It’s similar to product placement commonly used in shows and movies. Often times, users don't realize they're watching an ad because the brand is integrated in a fluent, entertaining way.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of TikTok? Our team of digital marketing experts would love to help you develop a successful strategy. Reach out!

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