3 Reasons to Do Marketing Training with Informatics

Jul 21, 2022 | Web Design

Training your in-house marketing team on new platforms and topics can feel like a tall order. Here’s how our digital marketing experts can make this essential activity a little easier.

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You need to train your in-house marketing team on the latest digital platform, topic or trend, but everyone’s already maxed out with their day-to-day work. How do you prioritize innovation and skill advancement without slowing their productivity?

For many companies, the answer is (unfortunately) to ignore training, and hope that their team members are sharp enough to figure out essential digital marketing skills as needed. For others, "training" means tasking one employee with learning everything they can about a topic or program, then presenting to the wider group and hoping they can answer questions with some authority.

These ad hoc approaches to training help explain why only a third of employees say they are “very satisfied” with their job-specific training, and 74% say they aren’t reaching their full potential at work due to training gaps, according to training consultant Lorman.

To get the most out of your marketing training budget, you need a partner like us here at Informatics who can take your requirements and design a strategic training session that actually improves your team's productivity. How do we do it?

3 Reasons to Do Marketing Training with Informatics

1. Plug-and-Play Training Access

The reason many companies neglect team training is because of the time it takes to prepare, organize, and execute. Our clients turn to us because we make it easy to upskill their teams with accurate, timely information on all things digital, without a big time investment.

We’ll learn about your training needs, develop any needed materials, and produce a fun and engaging marketing training session for your team, whether in person or online. All of our sessions can be recorded, so you can build your knowledge base and easily train future staff members. And if you opt for an in-person session, we’ll even handle breakfast or lunch!

2. The Right Knowledge and Experience

It takes more than just a cursory review of a software suite or marketing topic to train a team effectively. Our experts spend their days working with the leading digital marketing platforms, and understand the most important things your team needs to know.

Our training expertise includes:

  • SEO and content marketing
  • Google Analytics/GA4
  • HubSpot
  • Social media and social paid ads
  • Sprout Social and Meta Business Suite
  • Social video (Reels/TikTok)
  • Slack/Microsoft Teams usage

We can get your team up to speed quickly and with the right skills to meet your business goals. 

3. Customized Team Training

Does your team learn best through a PowerPoint deck, a video or interactive exercises? Whatever way you decide, our digital marketing experts can create a tailored learning program covering exactly what they need to know, in a way that works best for them.

We can train across platforms, across departments and across disciplines—whatever is needed to solve your particular problem and move your business forward.

When it comes to staff training (and education in general), you’re only as good as your teacher. Let us handle the research, the prep and the training, so your teams can focus on putting their new skills to work. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and schedule your session!

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