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Jun 6, 2019 | Media Production

Podcast sponsorship can help you gain brand awareness in a market that presents you in a more personal way than regular ads.

Podcasts mean different things to different people. Some listen for what they missed in history class, while others listen to learn more about the state of the economy. Regardless of the type, there are over 30 million different episode to peak your interest. 

Typically a listener listens to a podcast most or all the way through - including the commercials. There is a personal touch coming from the host when they talk about their sponsor each episode. Here is what you should know about them: 

How they work

Originally, podcasts were developed by the tech industry for techies, now you can find a podcast on any topic you could possibly have an interest in. Compared to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, Podcasts are relatively unsaturated when it comes to commonly used marketing tactics. There are over 30 million podcast episodes and over 750,00 shows. Most shows have between two and four sponsors so your brand message doesn't get lost in the noise. 

But what are they? A podcast is a digital audio file that is available on various platforms (Stitcher, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc.) on your computer or phone. The name comes from a combination of iPod and Broadcast. Podcasts can be used to highlight your brand or to partner with someone who has a following that fits in with who your target audience is. 

Podcast themes can discuss anything from news and technology to social trends. Usually podcasts focus on one broad category with individual episodes on more specific topics. 

Why are they important?

Podcasts often have a “cult” following, aka the people that listen to these shows do so routinely while cleaning their house or driving to work. Their audience is committed to these podcasts because they are actively looking to learn something new. These devoted listeners will do a lot of promoting for their favorite podcasts on their own through social media and word of mouth. Followers often develop a deep trust in the hosts that they listen to and will listen to ads and pay attention to what they are talking about.

Since it is such a large platform there is a large audience that you can choose from. Podcasts can be very specific based on the topic and audience, so your brand may fit in with several audiences which gives you options. Podcasts give your company the chance to reach people in your target audience through something they are interested in. Podcasts are a great way to gain exposure for your brand - 51% of the U.S population listens to Podcasts. If you don’t already listen to podcasts they are a great way to learn new techniques or software, listen to interviews regarding specific topics, and discover a wide variety of other things.

How you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy

Podcast sponsorship can be used as a great marketing tool. Once you’ve found an area that your company identifies with, you can reach out for details on sponsoring that show. Typically when you sponsor a podcast, depending on the length of the podcast, there are usually 15-30 second rolls as well as ones that are closer to one minute. Sponsorship can be a lump sum for one episode, a minimum commitment of so many episodes, or a certain amount per listens. Some podcasts will come in a package with other shows depending on the production company. 

Most podcasts will require you to reach out for information regarding sponsorship. Some will ask for a basic script to use for the ad, while others will really want to get to know your brand so they can put their unique touch into informing their listeners about their sponsors. There will be a trial period of sorts for you to test out how the audience responds, most will take some time to get to know your company, but are more likely to recognize your brand than others. However, those who go to your website are likely to type in the exact URL that is provided in the advertisement. This means that they are genuinely curious and excited about what they heard and want to learn more.

Are you ready to give podcast sponsorship a go? We can help! Contact the experts at Informatics Inc. to learn more about entering the world of Podcast advertising. 

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