7 Tips to Writing a Blog Post People Will Read

Mar 19, 2020 | Content Marketing

Regardless of the industry you're in, blogging has become an essential piece to every website. Learn these 7 tips on how to write more engaging blog posts.

Tips for Blogging

Everyone's website seems to have a blog these days. From online portfolios, to retailers large and small, everyone is producing scheduled content. But is regularly blogging really that necessary? Yes, of course it is! There are a ton of useful reasons why you should be regularly blogging, but a big one is that it helps set yourself apart from the crowd and turns your brand into one that clients will turn to for useful and knowledgeable information and tips. But while it might be easy throwing content on a page, you want to make sure that the blog posts you're writing are not only beneficial to your website but also ones that your readers will want to read and engage with.

7 Blogging Tips

  1. Utilize Your Headings - Think of headers as the table of contents to your blog. It allows the reader a brief glimpse into what they will be reading. It also allows for readers to quickly scroll to information that is most relevant to what they are looking for.  
  2. Short and Sweet - Although it's important for your blog to exceed 250 characters for Google's catalog, it doesn't have to be excessively long. People like their information fast and the longer your blog is the smaller the chance that it'll be read all the way to the end. Keeping your information concise can also help improve the way you write, forcing you to more effectively get your point across in fewer words.
  3. Listing - Numbered lists (like the one you're currently reading) and bulleted lists are a great way to amplify and condense specific points. These could be quick summary details you will be digging into later on in the post or make up the bulk of your content in a how-to type post. Search engines have a strong affinity for numbered lists to show them in "Position 0" on search results, so never be afraid to list away.  
  4. Be Bold - What is the easiest way to draw attention to something? BOLD IT! Although simple, it's a great way to draw attention to a subject, or help the user read through your points quickly. 
  5. Linking - Always provide your readers with all the information they may need, preferably internally on your own website. If you think a topic could be confusing, or may need to be elaborated on further, link them to additional content on your site. Internal linking also assists in boosting your website's domain authority. 
  6. Structure - Keep it clean. You don't want 5 different fonts, random alignments, and crazy headers. Stick to a singular, uniformed look that keeps your site looking professional. 
  7. Avoid the Fluff - Nobody likes a rambler. You want your blog to be interesting, but it also needs to be informative. If you find yourself elaborating on one subject for too long, you may want to do additional research and add more factual content. 

Utilizing the tips above will put you well on your way to writing more engaging and effective blog posts. Remember to keep it tight, be bold, and dodge the unnecessary fluff. If you do have any additional questions, or are looking to start up your own blog, please feel free to contact the digital marketing experts at Informatics today! 

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