6 Steps to Creating an Effective CTA Button

May 10, 2017 | Web Design

When a CTA button is designed the right way, the results will show.

CTA Button

Call to Action buttons are essential to any website and will make or break your conversion rates. Besides using them on your website, they can also be included in your email campaigns, social media images, and other platforms you may use on a daily basis to promote your company. In order to create the most effective buttons, follow these steps:

1.       Think Value

A CTA button is all about what your prospect is going to get after clicking the button. Determine the value of your button first and then brainstorm ways to best promote it. For example, everyone likes FREE things. If you offer free quotes through your website, create a button that leads them to a free form they can fill out to receive free information per their request.

2.       Choose Your Words Wisely

Expand your vocabulary and pick action words that really hook your prospects in. Choose power words that are visually captivating and have meanings worth acting upon.

3.       Make It Clickable

Make sure your button is not only clickable but looks clickable. When designing, your button should not look similar to the background it is placed upon. Also avoid gray colors as it could give the illusion that the button is no longer active.

4.       Design with Color in Mind

Choose colors that contrast with their background so that the CTA can really pop out. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a color within your brand guidelines because it purposefully needs to stand out from all other design elements.

5.       Include Icons

Symbols are universal in meaning and can attract prospects quicker than reading a phrase. Implement an icon within your CTA button to catch their eye.

6.       Keep It Simple

Don’t over-do it with your CTA button. Keep things simple and avoid adding unnecessary text to the message or icons that could only confuse your prospects. You may know what’s on the other side of that button but your prospects don’t. In reference to step 1, choose a CTA phrase and/or icon that summarizes what value your prospect is getting once it is clicked.

CTA buttons seem like a fairly simple concept, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in creating too many that are unsuccessful. When a CTA button is designed the right way, the results will show. Contact Informatics today and our digital marketing team will implement successful steps like these into your marketing strategy.

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