Podcasts: Are You Tuned In?

May 26, 2017 | Media Production

Learn why the trend of podcast listening could work for your brand.


Did you know 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly? That’s roughly 24% of the population, and to put this into better context for you, 21% of that same population is Catholic. Which means there are more podcast listeners than there are Catholics. Quite shocking, right?

Its Growth:

The trend of podcast listening is continually growing. Around 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly which means roughly 15% of the whole U.S. population has included this trend into their daily lives. It’s no surprise that the main audience for podcasts includes people under the age of 25; however that is shifting over to those who are older as well.

Its Branding:

Podcast hosts have become the brand influencer. They give a new name and meaning to any company’s brand. Besides being spotlighted on all the usual social media platforms, listeners develop trust for the products and services that their given host promotes on the air. The best part is that it has become a new authentic strategy to sell to consumers without them realizing that a pitch is what they’re getting. Podcasts are all about storytelling and keeping listeners hooked. Content is continuously improving as creators have learned what works and what doesn’t over the past few years since it first started taking off.

Its Effect:

Don’t think you can pull off a full-fledged sponsor? Try out affiliate marketing. According to IAB and Edison Research, 45% of podcast listeners will promptly visit a sponsor’s website after listening to a podcast episode where a product was featured. Building affiliate relationships could be a good start to developing larger download numbers.

If you need help with your affiliate marketing, contact the experts today. Not yet in on the trend? If you are even slightly considering using podcasts as a medium for your brand, now is the time to get started. Use our first-class studio to create your very own podcasts!

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