Advertising on Pinterest: A Trend to Watch in 2018

Nov 7, 2017 | Social Media

With its ability to share products with consumers according to their personal preferences, Pinterest is a gold mine for advertisers.

Pinterest Advertising

In recent years, marketers have become well-versed in effectively using advertising tools on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Now, Pinterest, the popular digital scrap booking app, is introducing new capabilities to offer natural advertising experiences for both users and marketers. While we don't expect the platform to outperform advertising powerhouses like Google and Facebook, the future of advertising on Pinterest is promising because of its interest-based structure. Here's why advertising on Pinterest could become a major trend in 2018:

Promotions Look Natural

Consumers today are used to being bombarded with ads on the internet, and many are able to easily tell the difference between advertisements and organic posts. This can be a barrier for marketers because consumers are often inclined to avoid advertisements. According to Pinterest, more than 75% of pins saved to Pinterest come from businesses, which explains why promoted pins look almost identical to regular pins. They have similar messages and themes with a subtle indication that they are promoted by a company rather than pinned by a Pinterest user. Promoted pins are also less distracting than they might be on other platforms because Pinterest is set up as a platform for users to find and share ideas.

It's Easy to Target Audiences Based on Interest

The name says it all. Pinterest is a place for users to find and share ideas that interest them. With its ability to share products with consumers according to their personal preferences, the platform is a gold mine for advertisers. Rather than advertising to less specific audiences, Pinterest helps companies target users that have previously shown interest in products similar to theirs. It also doesn't hurt that Pinterest users are actively seeking out new ideas when ads reach them

Pinterest is Evolving

Since launching advertisements on Pinterest, the company has been looking for ways to step up its game to compete with the likes of Google, Facebook and other leading social networks. Last January, Pinterest introduced a suite of advertising features with their Search Ads tool, allowing advertisers to target consumers with keywords and shopping campaigns. In May, they rolled out "Cinematic Pins" that are motion-activated and meant to make promoted pins stand out. Pinterest seems to be focused on evolving into an e-commerce platform that offers an advanced shopping experience for both consumers and marketers. What will Pinterest's next advertising move be?


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