How to Take Quality Photos for Social Media

Nov 3, 2017 | Social Media

Strike a pose! Quality images for Social Media start with composition and end with great posts.

Quality Photo for Social Media

You don't have to have the latest camera and coolest lenses to take striking photos for social media. Quality is important, but a little preparation will go a long way to make your images stand out from the crowd:

Message First

Powerful images come from a powerful message, so always start with the end in mind and think ahead. When you set up editorial calendars, write what you want to convey then set up your image to be a visual representation of that message. For example, if you want to encourage followers to attend your next event, write an inviting message and match it with a picture of an empty seat in the middle of a seated crowd.


Again, you need to think before you snap. Each platform has slightly different size and orientation recommendations and your images will appear better when you follow those guidelines. Take a look at the latest before you choose vertical or horizontal and then check the pixel dimensions.


People like to see faces! The first rule of composition is learning what the eye is drawn toward and human faces is first on the list. Even if a person is not the focal point of your image, pay attention to everything that is in the frame of the image:

  • Remove clutter that can distract the eye
  • Use the Rule of Thirds to balance your focal point from the background
  • Use natural light, but don't put your subject between you and the window
  • Try different angles and settings to find the winning combination

The goal is to create images that pop out in your social feed and leave your audience wanting to see more! Apply these steps to your culture and event shots. If you are also looking for some images that have the professional touch, contact Informatics and find out more about our video and photography media services.

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