Why You Should Invest In a Blog Designer

Nov 1, 2017 | Web Design

Let's get serious about your blog!

Why You Should Invest In a Blog Designer

If your content is good, can a blog’s design really impact your traffic?

The answer is, YES.

You’ve heard that content is king. But if you’re serious about blogging for your business, you should also be serious about its design. A customized design for a blog will create unique visual content that attracts the eye and can make the difference for your reader between actually reading the blog and moving off your page.


    • It Showcases a Clear Message:
    • Design is meant to visually guide your viewer to the key points of your content you’d like them to specifically retain. Adding strategic line breaks, customizing title displays, and knowing how to use white space will help highlight the areas of most interest to your reader so that they can access what they’re looking for fast.


      • It Saves You Time:
      • There is no need to get frustrated by trying to teach yourself HTML or CSS because your designer can do all of that for you in one shot. They can even make it easy for you to give your blog customization yourself and will create options for different styles to implement. This saves you time and money, two biggies that alone should convince you to hire a designer.


        • It Increases Your Conversions:
        • As mentioned previously, the design of your blog could be keeping visitors from even having the chance to read your blog. This means your design is likely affecting your conversion rate. A professionally-designed blog can increase your email subscribers, maintain loyal readers, and increase your sales overall.

Your audience will see that you’re serious about your blog when you implement a professional design. In need of a good blog designer? Our graphic experts create customized design that fits the feel of your company. Informatics promotes adding customized graphics, colors, fonts, and customized functionality to your blog. We continuously stress that your company’s branding should be professionally developed throughout every digital outlet. Contact Informatics today to get started on increasing your blog traffic!

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