Pinterest for Beginners

Nov 5, 2020 | Social Media

Most people think of Pinterest as just another social network or entertainment medium. Discover all of the opportunities you and your business have to thrive on this untapped platform.

Pinterest for Beginners

Like every other platform, Pinterest is unique in its own way. The primary reason many "pinners" use it today is for inspiration. Pinterest exists to inspire ideas for things like events, recipes, fashion, beauty, and so much more. By just browsing for a mere few minutes, consumers form images, ideas, and plans in their mind for what they want in their own personal life. As you may have guessed (or even if you haven't), the opportunities for businesses are endless.

Keyword-Based Platform

Pinterest operates by using a keyword-based algorithm, which helps to improve strategy for boosting any content to get more views. If you or your business post any type of content like blogs, recipes, product pages and more, and a consumer happens to search for pins similar to the name of your content, the results will pop up accordingly. A few years could pass and your content would still get visibility. Neat, right?

The main attraction of something like this is that businesses can ensure views and interaction with their material as long as people remain interested and curious. Since this makes Pinterest an unofficial visual search engine, it serves as a great method for improving your company's search engine optimization (SEO). But after your brand succeeds in getting views, what's next?

Link to Your Products, Website, Blog, and More

If you're experimenting with Pinterest for the first time, there's a good amount of lingo and terms you should get familiar with, but we'll give you the rundown of the necessary ones for now. With any business and any typical search engine, you'll want to find the best way to promote your goods or services. On Pinterest, this comes in the form of Promoted Pins, regular posts that companies pay for to boost visibility. These pins will show up on a user's home feed like any other, but have a "Promoted" label on them. And if you provide links to get more information, this will in turn attract users to your website, products, blogs, and any other company-related content.

Another avenue for that is Rich Pins, which exist primarily for providing extended information on Product Pins, Recipe Pins, Article Pins, and App Pins. Since these four options are available, you can use any of these pathways to link whatever content is relevant for your business.

When a pin sparks a user's interest, they can interact by making Repins, or reposting a pin that isn't their own to save for later. This is beneficial for two reasons: your subject matter will have a permanent spot on their profile to refer back to, and these user's followers will have a chance to interact with it as well! 

E-Commerce Capabilities

Using Pinterest is common in many forms, but perhaps the most up-and-coming is their e-commerce capabilities. As mentioned previously, any pin can be embedded with links to take a user to your website. This enables consumers to shop for whatever they desire. And if they see something they like, instead of trying to recreate it, accessing product or service links boosts ease of purchase and convenience.

A great way to start is to experiment with influencers! If you've read our Influencer Marketing blog, you'll know that this is an area rich with opportunity. Influencers can help bridge the gap between consumer and purchase by instilling brand awareness and desire for your products in a fresh and modern way. By simply adding links to an influencer's post, your material will get more engagement than ever before.

If you were considering new ways to kickstart or increase your company's brand awareness and sales, we hope this blog was useful in providing the information you need to get started with Pinterest. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our marketing experts today!

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