Create brand awareness and loyalty with an app

Mar 8, 2013 | Web Design

Apps are everywhere. Do they make sense for your business?

Apps Create Brand Awareness

What are apps and why are they important?
An app, short for application, is a program that can be downloaded to any number of portable devices, predominately smartphones and tablet devices. You may have used an app to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, get instant weather updates, find directions, or even play games.

With everyone migrating to smartphone technology, many businesses are scrambling to create unique applications that create strong brand awareness and loyalty.

Amazing apps for small business
There is no shortage of apps available to the small business, but sorting through the pile can be tricky, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Connect, share, and organize your files with Google Drive, an app that utilizes cloud storage to deliver your content where ever you are.
  • Organize those pesky business expenses with Expensify, an app that lets you scan receipts, keep track of mileage and submit reports.
  • Square is an app that allows any smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments. The service fee of 2.75% per transaction is applied, but that’s peanuts compared the portability this app allows small businesses.

These are just a few options for the app-hungry small business. Search for yourself to find a specific app for your needs, or check out this great article over at Forbes.

Can you benefit from your own app?
Having your own app can provide an unparalleled advantage for your company. If you find there are unique and time-consuming procedures that you or your customers repeat often, having a custom app handle these tasks can really push your brand into the limelight. Contact us today for a free app development analysis.




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