How to Use Webcasting

Aug 29, 2013 | Media Production

Many businesses use webcasting for internal affairs, to connect with out-of-state employees, host training sessions, and demonstrate products.

How to Webcast

There are so many different ways you can utilize a webcast and people are constantly coming up with new and unique applications.

Many businesses use webcasting for internal affairs, to connect with out-of-state employees, host training sessions, and demonstrate products. Whether you are a nonprofit, sales driven, or customer service focused, webcasts can increase your company’s value.

Some of the most common applications for internal communications via webcasting include:

  • Training: Webcasts allow the trainer to broadcast a training video to a wide and dispersed audience at the same time, ensuring consistency.
  • Meetings and Conferences: Companies with a nationwide presence can still hold regular meetings, without paying for travel to meet in person.
  • Corporate Communications: Connecting with your corporate office to share visual content demands a service like webcasting.
  • Product Introductions: Companies will have the ability to demonstrate new products and services to sales prospects and send out company-wide product announcements.

Webcasting allows you to connect with your customers throughout the country (and internationally) , speak to a wider audience, and listen and respond to them in real time. A variety of webcasting applications for maintaining external relationships include:

  • Marketing: In general, webcasts can be used for marketing new products and sales updates.
  • Touch base with clients: It is important to maintain goodwill by periodically checking in.
  • Educational: Teaching customers and clients about your products or services can help them to view you as a subject matter expert
  • Q&A Sessions: The chat feature of most webcasts allows companies to interact with their customers and answer their questions.
  • Special Events: Any special events or conferences that those located out-of-state cannot attend can be easily broadcasted.
  • Customer Service and Support: Great for customer support that requires long-distance communication and visual content. 
  • Press Conferences: Webcasts are perfect for interactive and far-reaching press conferences.

All of these webcasting applications can benefit your company in a variety of ways. With clients, customers, and employees geographically dispersed throughout the country and beyond, connecting can be difficult. Webcasts are capable of shrinking that distance so that you don’t even have to leave your desk.  This will reduce costs associated with business travel and produce more immediate results with reduced time and effort, and a smaller environmental footprint.

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