How to Improve Your Email Marketing

Oct 29, 2020 | Email Marketing

With millions of emails being sent daily, how can you make yours stand apart from the competition? Learn these 5 simple adjustments to boost email interaction.

Email Marketing

As you sit at your work desk (or maybe even in bed if you're working from home), there's little doubt that you've already received multiple emails today. Whether they're related to work, marketing emails from your favorite brands, or the ever-beloved spam emails, there's a constant influx of messages hitting your inbox. With so many emails being sent every hour of every day, how do you being to stand out from the crowd and increase your CTR (click-through rate)? Start with these five email marketing tactics below.

5 Email Marketing Improvements 

1.Understanding Purpose - The first and most important step in improving your email marketing strategy is to understand the purpose of your email. What are you trying to achieve? Based on the email's purpose, the end goal could vary widely. For instance, if it's marketing email, you'll want to include strong imagery and push the customer to click through to your website to make a purchase. If the email is informative, it's all about the messaging, getting your point across and putting a strong emphasis on the open rate. Once you've laid out the purpose of your email, you will be able to build and write content for your email more effectively. 

2.Subject Lines - Just like most avenues of marketing, your first impression means everything. With limited character space and no images backing you up, the subject line and preview text are the only tools you have to get a user to open your message. Although challenging, simplicity is the quickest route to success. Your content needs to cut straight to the point while also being enticing. It's also important that you avoid spam verbiage like "IMPORTANT" or "URGENT!". These types of subject lines will only lead to the decline of your business's credibility and people unsubscribing from your email list. Lure in your users with catchy phrasing that will be beneficial to them. 

3.Images - Regardless of the type of email you're creating, high quality images are always a must. Images amplify your messaging and introduces your product to a consumer in ways that content can't. It's also important to keep in mind that just throwing pretty images into your email is not enough, it's very much about the placement of these images. Start off with one strong feature image that signifies the email's purpose, followed by assisting images to boost the user experience and guide them through the content of your email. 

4.Teasing Content - Very much like your subject lines, your content needs to be enticing and straight to the point. Even if the purpose of your email is to be informative, you want to make sure you're getting your point across in as few words as possible. If your end goal is to increase your CTR, give the user just enough information to understand what they will find after clicking through and why it's so important that they do click through. Content is always king, so be sure you're using it wisely and effectively.  

5.Animations - New to the email game, animation is a great way to increase user engagement and build curiosity. Motion graphics utilized through CSS programing or GIFs allows for a whole new level of storytelling. Again, simple animation is the best way to spark interest without running into lagging emails that do not load properly. Although very effective, they are more time consuming to create. If you do have this tool at your disposal, or would like assistance from the Informatics team, we would highly recommend giving them a go!  

You're now well on your way to improve your marketing email strategies. By simply understanding the purpose of your email, you will be able to add enticing subject lines, effective imagery, and compelling content, leading more effectively to an increase in click-through rates. If you would like any assistance with your email marketing strategy, or maybe just have a few quick questions, feel free to reach out to the digital marketing experts at Informatics! 

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