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Oct 3, 2023 | Multimedia

We’ve unlocked multi-channel advertising success with StackAdapt. Learn more about our newest paid ads tool.

StackAdapt platform

As the advertising ecosystem continues to evolve, we’re always looking for the right tools and tech to craft effective, data-driven campaigns.

That's why we've chosen StackAdapt, and we’re excited to share its capabilities. We can confidently say this multi-channel paid advertising platform is a game-changer for us and, more importantly, for our clients.

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Why Use StackAdapt?

Our world is increasingly segmented, and users today consume content in a million different ways. Why rely on one social media app or one website to reach them?

StackAdapt's expansive partnership base means we can reach users within their audience niches, across multiple channels, like out-of-home and connected TV. This strategy is called programmatic advertising, and it has a lot of benefits for advertisers:

  • Precision targeting
  • Improved tranparency (costs, results, etc.)
  • Greater ad reach
  • Real-time optimization

The range of ways you can interact with customers via StackAdapt ads means you have more opportunities for generating direct customer information—a necessity as the marketing world moves from third-to first-party data. That data can also help you build future retargeting campaigns built off your own customers, not big data-mined lists.

StackAdapt also has all the bells and whistles that platform-specific ad managers like Meta do, including real-time tracking, demographic targeting, and audience re-targeting. That’s why it made sense for us to add StackAdapt to our toolbox.

What StackAdapt Can Offer You

Native Advertising

Native ads allow you to connect with target audiences in a more organic way than traditional website display ads.

This form of website advertising seamlessly blends into the surrounding content, mimicking the design and format of the platform. While you may be foregoing your brand colors and elements, your message comes across as completely natural to users.

Known for being a lower-risk channel, Stack Adapt’s Native Ads use CPE (Cost per Engagement) bidding. That means you only pay when people are engaging with your content and spending at least 15 seconds on your site. 

StackAdapt Native Ad
Display Ad on StackAdapt

Display Advertising

Typically appearing as banners on relevant websites, these ads include a brief and clear call to action, inviting users to click and explore. Ultimately, these ads are great top-of-funnel tactics designed to pique curiosity and set the stage for deeper brand interactions.

Display ads through StackAdapt can take a variety of forms. You could launch an ad with static text and images, or you could entice viewers to interact using a scratch-and-reveal banner ad.

Video Advertising 

Video is becoming the most consumed form of content online, so it’s essential you include video as you’re planning your campaign assets. 

StackAdapt allows your brand to reach more than just YouTube users. After all, video is now present on all major platforms. Through StackAdapt, your brand can connect with 15+ ad exchanges, spanning 120,000+ websites and apps. 

Video ads on StackAdapt
Connected TV

Connected TV 

The term "Connected TV" (CTV) encompasses a wide array of devices, from smart TVs to streaming gadgets like Roku or Apple TV.  

On StackAdapt, you can choose 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second video ad spots. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of CTV advertising is the ability to assess progress against goals and metrics in real-time, which means you can fine-tune your campaign after it launches.  

Audio Advertising

Advertising doesn’t always need to be seen to capture attention. Sometimes, a message is better heard.

StackAdapt Audio ads can be delivered through streaming services, podcasts, radio, and music apps.

You can finely tune your targeting parameters, capturing specific demographics, household income brackets, online behaviors, and even location-based insights to ensure your message reaches the right ears.

Podcast Ads on StackAdapt
In-Game ads

In-Game Advertising 

With the rise of online games, in-game advertising is becoming a popular way to reach your audience.  

These ads seamlessly deliver to mobile, computer, and console video games, blending with the game's aesthetics without disrupting the immersive gameplay. 

Keep in mind that In-game ads are top-of-funnel, as they’re non-clickable and tend to convey only large text and logos. 

Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising 

These ads, showcased on physical screens, are designed to be bold and eye-catching. Unlike the other channels, It's a dynamic way for your brand to make a lasting impression in the world beyond the doorstep. 

Think of classic examples like billboard ads, but with a modern twist. Your ad campaigns can take on a multitude of engaging formats, appearing on digital screens at gas stations, in elevators, on mall directory screens, or even adorning taxi cabs.  

out of home ads

Join us as we dive deeper into the world of StackAdapt and explore how this powerful platform can elevate your advertising game. It's time to embrace the future of paid advertising, and we're excited to take you along on this journey. Reach out!

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