5 Secrets to Advanced Facebook Advertising

Sep 15, 2017 | Social Media

Like an onion, there are many layers to Facebook advertising and the more experienced you get, the deeper you can dig. If you are ready to step up your Facebook advertising game, read on for our five best-kept secrets.

5 Secrets to Advanced Facebook Advertising

For those of you who manage your company's social media advertising and feel like you're ready to take it to the next level, we have a few secrets to share. Facebook advertising is incredibly robust and flexible. Like an onion, there are many layers to Facebook advertising, and the more experienced you get, the deeper you can dig. If you are ready to step up your Facebook advertising game, read on for our five best-kept secrets.

1. Target Your Visitors with Pixels

Facebook pixels are snippets of tracking code, generated specifically for your website. By placing this pixel on your website, you can track a variety of conversions without leaving your Facebook advertising platform. This feature is especially beneficial for e-commerce and keeping track of sales that result from your Facebook ads. However, service-based businesses will find that the pixel also works for tracking contact form submissions, clicks, whitepaper downloads and more. 

Learn more about the Facebook pixel and how to install it.

2. Upload Your Product Catalog

If you have an e-commerce website with an online catalog and you want to track exactly what is being purchased via your Facebook ads, consider uploading your product catalog to your Ads Manager. By uploading your product catalog you can see which ads led to which types of purchases and which products sell better than others on Facebook.

3. Create a Canvas Ad

Canvas ads are amazingly flexible and aesthetically appealing for any and all businesses. Canvas offers the opportunity to use several different effective ad formats: text, video, and carousel images. You may most often see canvas ads from a retailer selling a line of clothing utilizing a commercial and individual product images. Yet, there are a host of different ways to use canvas ads, even if you are not a retailer. For example, a dentist could share a virtual tour of his office and individual images for each service. A realtor can feature a "Why Work With Me" video and images of featured listings. The possibilities are endless! 

4. Avoid Boosted Posts

This may go against what you're used to doing, but Facebook account experts recommend avoiding standard boosted posts altogether. Rather than clicking the 'boost post' button on your Facebook page, you should go through the Ads Manager platform to set up your ads. Additionally, try the more dynamic options available such as video advertising, carousel ads and canvas ads. Boosted posts have been found to be less effective than other types of Facebook ads. Don't be afraid to experiment. 

5.View Audience Overlap

When you begin creating a variety of custom audiences to target, you can start using the Audience Overlap tool to gauge effectiveness. The Audience Overlap tool allows you to choose one of your audiences and compare the number of people that overlap with your other audiences. This helps you identify which audiences likely consist of the same people and clues you into which two audiences not to target at the same time. The goal is to find two audiences with no overlap and A/B test their ad performances.

Learn more about Audience Overlap.

Now that we have let you in on our five secrets, are you ready to give them a try? For assistance with getting started on Facebook advertising or taking things to the next level, contact Informatics Inc. today.

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