Your Website Photos Are Just as Important as Your Design

Sep 20, 2018 | Media Production

A beautiful website design is about so much more than fonts and branding, it is also about powerful imagery. Let's talk about why your web photos are important.

Website Photography

A beautiful website design is about so much more than fonts and branding, it is also about powerful imagery. Photography is an ideal method for connecting with your audience.

We are visual creatures, with an instinct to look first and ask questions later. Our minds react differently to visual stimuli than to the written word. The brain deciphers images instantly, while language is decoded in a sequential manner, taking more time to process. You're doing a great job creating worthwhile content for your audience, but before you can hold their attention, you need to capture it. You need a bold visual presence. 

Benefits of Great Imagery

Mediocre image quality might be acceptable on older desktop computers with monitors one flicker away from the junkyard, but as the resolution and display capabilities of even the smallest mobile devices increase, users are becoming less likely to settle. This is even more true for businesses marketing their services online. You can't communicate the quality of your product with sub-standard imagery.

The need for great images is complicated by the user's needs. A balance needs to be struck between image quality and optimal website speed. When you achieve this balance, the following benefits can be unlocked:

  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Greater Lead Generation
  • More Conversions

3 Factors to Consider

A good image tells a story and creates the illusion of a conversation between you and your viewer. Professional photography is the most valuable tool for creating this engaging user experience. You can consider hiring a professional photographer to create customized brand imagery, or utilize stock photo services. In either case, the following factors should be kept in mind:

  • Colors - We associate different colors with specific emotional states. One color might evoke stress, another whimsy. Be thoughtful about the primary palette of your images.
  • Simplicity - The photo should not require interpretation or raise any questions you aren't prepared to answer. The image should speak for itself with no explanation.
  • Consistency - Consistency can mean using the same color scheme, a consistent location, or even a recurring character who represents your brand. The key is to train your audience to recognize your brand faster than the speed of thought.

You want clients and customers to associate your brand with quality, and your images should reflect this commitment to excellence. Informatics is uniquely qualified to tell your story, through web design, professional photography, and a full range of web and media services. If you're ready to elevate your brand marketing, contact us today.

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