YouTube Marketing and Your Brand

Sep 24, 2020 | Media Production

YouTube is currently the internet's second largest search engine. Are you utilizing this marketing powerhouse the same way you would Google?

YouTube Marketing

The world is a strange place, and it's safe to say it's become even more strange over the last 6 months. Many of us have found ourselves working remotely, some for the very first time. As we've adapted to our new work environments, we've developed new daily habits. Instead of eating out for lunch with team members, you find yourself heading to the refrigerator. Instead of driving to work, we're now just rolling out of bed. 

These strange times have also changed our social lives. Not being able to hang out with friends on the weekend has made us turn to Netflix and other streaming platforms. But as we slowly run out of things to watch (how many times can you re-watch Friends?), many people have started turning to YouTube to fulfill their viewing needs. Sitting as the world's second-largest search engine, it's easy to find yourself searching for a wide array of videos. That being said, it's time that we start thinking of YouTube the same way we think of Google. Are you utilizing this platform to the best of your abilities? 

Setting Up a YouTube Channel

The simplest way to get started on your business' YouTube journey is to set up your own channel. This channel can be optimized to truly show off your company's culture and goals. The best part? It's free! Gaining brand exposure on one of the world's largest platforms has never been easier. 

As you begin to create your channel and upload videos, it's important to treat your YouTube page the same way you would treat your company website. Everything needs to be optimized to pull in as many organic users as possible. There are important best practices to live by, including properly titling your videos, setting up engaging playlists, adding enticing captions, and using proper keywords. Once your channel is fully optimized and you begin to link videos, you will also be helping to improve the organic value of your company's website. 

YouTube Advertising

Just like with Google, there are "pay-to-play" options on YouTube's platform. This is a great way to connect with new customers and start to welcome them to your brand's community by engaging with those that share similar interests to your company's culture and mission statement. 

There are two options to advertise on YouTube, both through video and single image. When utilizing the image option, the process will function very similarly to Google Display advertising. Your banner image will show up on the home page or viewing page in the in the header or off to the right of the video the user is viewing. Dependent upon messaging, this advertisement can show strong results when closely tied to the video's theme. 

When utilizing the video option, you're able to fully share and explain the visions and goals or your business. In today's world, video advertising can be very impactful, more engaging, and build strong bonds between your business and consumers. It is paramount to make a strong impression and impact when using video advertising, so you'll want to be sure that your video is great one. 

Getting Started

Kicking off a YouTube channel can be very daunting. Many businesses have created a YouTube channel, but then quickly get burned out and lose the motivation to keep it going. There are many questions that should be asked when starting. What do I want our brand messaging to be? How frequently should I be posting videos? How do I properly title and caption our videos to bring in our ideal audience? 

No need to fear! The team at Informatics is here to help you from start to finish. Not only can our marketing team assist in setting up your channel and properly upload your videos, but we can even shoot and edit the videos for you. Our partnership will ensure that your channel gets off the ground running and soon you'll be engaging with users and future customers. Contact us today for any questions on getting started or about the video creation process! 

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