How to Revamp Your Company Blog

Apr 13, 2018 | Content Marketing

Revamp your company blog and engage your audience more effectively with these simple tips.

How to make your company blog better

Most companies understand that there are many benefits of having a company blog. However, once the blog is up and running it is easy to forget to update it with fresh content. Here are a few simple ways to revamp your company blog and engage your audience more effectively.


When people visit your blog, they are often looking for information on a specific topic. Make it easier for them to find the content they are looking for by categorizing your blogs by subject. Structuring your blog by category is also helpful when choosing topics to write about.

Create a Schedule

If you manage your company blog, you've likely experienced difficulty maintaining a consistent pattern of content creation and delivery. Make sure your blog is frequently updated by creating a schedule outlining:

  • Blog Titles
  • Due Dates
  • Categories
  • Who is assigned to each blog

This is a great time to decide how often you plan to post new content. Whether it is once a week or once a month, the most important thing is to establish consistency. If the blog calendar is followed, you'll have more content on your site and your followers will also know when to expect new content.

Use Graphics

Give your blog a visual boost by adding graphics that enhance each post. The best practice is to reduce an image to thumbnail size on the main page of your blog, keeping a larger version for the full blog page and a wide version for posting to social media. For more information, check out our cheat sheet for social media image sizing.

Add a Subscribe Button

If your goal is to get more views, consider adding a 'subscribe' button to your blog where visitors can sign up for email notifications about new posts. This is a great way to promote your content and gather email addresses for eNewsletters and other marketing campaigns.

Updating your company blog can bring you more website traffic, better engagement on social media, SEO improvements and more. Contact Informatics today to discuss your content marketing strategy and our expert digital marketing services.

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