5 Reasons to Podcast for Your Businesses

Feb 27, 2020 | Media Production

With the rise of media listeners choosing podcasts over music, how can your business take advantage of this growing trend?

Podcasting for Business

With the easy accessibility that comes from smart phones, consuming media has been easier than ever. From walking on the street to driving into work every morning, it's a great way to help make the time pass by faster on your daily commute. Rather than listening to the same songs over and over again on the radio, Spotify, or iTunes, many users are transitioning into the podcast world. This long form media appeals to the masses because it can vary in length and material. With the average podcast length lasting 43 minutes, times can range from 10 minutes to 3+ hours. Alongside the variance in times, there's a never-ending list of topics. Sports, comedy, true crime, pop culture, and industry insights are just a few subjects that can be found when you're looking for your next binge worthy podcast.

So, the question is, can your business take advantage of this growing trend? The answer is yes, of course! A successful podcast does not need to be a massive production accompanied by video and music. It can be as simple as one person speaking into a microphone.

5 Reasons to Start Your Podcast

  1. New Audiences - Podcasting gives you a whole new avenue to promote your brand and knowledge. You may have users that have heard of you previously, or maybe some that first discover you through listening to similar podcasts. The reach of promotion on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasting apps is never ending. 
  2. Become an Expert - Although you may know how knowledgeable your team is in a particular industry, others may not. Podcasting is a perfect platform to display your expertise to the world. This turns you into a subject matter expert, a creditable source that people can turn to for advice or even business. 
  3. Flexible - Making your own hours is beneficial no matter the project! You decide how long the podcast is, how much time you want to put into editing, and even the frequency. Whether you want to upload once a day, week, or month, the choice is yours!
  4. Inexpensive - Like your hours, a podcast's expense is your choice. Podcasts can be started with nothing more than a microphone, some editing software, and social media profiles. Unavoidable costs will come with website creation and monthly hosting, but outside of these fees, the rest can be built upon as your podcast's popularity continues to grow. 
  5. Exciting - Creating a podcast from scratch is exciting! It should be a fun process that not only gets you energized to work on a new project but is also great for your business. 

This ever-growing form of communication can truly become what you make of it. Keep it simple with a single person commentating or go all out to include video and sound mixing, just make it your own. Contact the experts at Informatics today for help on getting your podcast started! 

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