How to Re-Share Old Social Media Posts

Jan 9, 2020 | Social Media

Take a look at our tips on how you can easily re-share old social media posts without driving away your followers.

How to Re-Share Old Social Media Posts

We've all experienced it. You sit in front of your computer, ready to start creating next month's social media content calendar. You roll through the first half of your posts and then suddenly, nothing. You sit staring at the blinking cursor as you rack your brain for ideas. 10 minutes pass, 15, you start to sweat as you begin to feel the pressure of your deadline start to loom.

Coming up with fresh, new content month over month is no easy task, and getting stuck in these content ruts is a completely understandable thing. Thankfully there's a way that will not only help you save time but also help get yourself out of this headspace, and that's re-purposing and sharing content you've already created. "But won't this make our followers feel like they're being spammed and drive them away?" As with everything related to social media and marketing, there's a strategy behind this tool. And if you end up doing it correctly, you should see more traffic, more reshares, and more engagement.

Why Should You Share Again?

Beyond the idea of convenience, there are plenty of other reasons why you should consider resharing:

  • Increase post reach. This might be a bit obvious but the more you share a post, the higher the chance that different people are going to see it. This helps to both build engagement along with generating more traffic to your page.
  • Reach new followers. Anyone that is new to following your brand has most likely missed out on all your older posts. Help make it easier to see them by putting it right in front of their faces.
  • Hit different time zones. If you have a global audience, resharing is especially important. While you might have originally posted at a time that is perfect for people in Los Angeles, it's definitely not ideal for those who live in London. This digital strategy works to make sure your entire audience has the chance to see the content you're putting out.

How to Share Old Content

  • Repurpose: An easy way to share old content without posting the same thing repeatedly is to tweak it a bit. This gives you the chance to add quotes, update stats, or simply change the wording to help reframe your main point. If you mix it up, you can reshare without worrying that people will get tired of seeing the same post.
  • A/B Test: Resharing content is the perfect time to test what your audience reacts to. Try using a different headline, graphic, colors, or layout, and see which post your followers engage with more.
  • Timeliness: You'll always want to keep your eye out for what's becoming trendy or relevant. A topic that you've already written a blog or post about could become timely again. This is the perfect chance to beat the competition and reshare what you've already created.

Repurposing older content not only helps you save time and potential headaches, but it's a great way to help drive new audiences to content that has performed well in the past. It's a win win strategy for everyone. Need help getting your digital marketing strategy off the ground? Contact the experts at Informatics! We'd love to speak with you.

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