Don't Neglect the Top of Your Marketing Funnel

Oct 13, 2023 | Social Media

Do you need top-of-funnel marketing tactics? The answer is a firm yes from us. Here's why these often overlooked approaches are critical in building your brand's success.

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“How many purchases were made this month?” 

“Can we increase click-to-calls next month?” 

We understand the urge to see immediate results—that's why we’ve addressed your needs in our tagline. Right under our logo you’ll find the words “We Deliver Results.”

We also know that the strongest results require investment and time to carve out a place in your market. This is a hard expectation to set, especially when a company’s quarterly goals are often measured in dollars and cents.

Many ad platforms also cater to the idea of instant gratification. It’s easier than ever to upload your products, launch the ad on social media pages, and await purchases. This convenience is especially appealing to budding businesses, who feel they can take a bite out of their better-known competitor’s audience simply because they have access to them.

Sure, you can. But you’ll spend a lot more money in the long-term by exclusively running “buy now” campaigns. Why? Because brands who do so are fulfilling a temporary need—and that’s if ad-viewers even take a chance on a company they’ve never heard of.

To build a strategy that actually takes root in your market, you need to start at the top. You need top-of-funnel marketing efforts.

Top-of-funnel marketing tactics include:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Organic Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Geofencing
  • Podcast Ads
  • Spotify Ads

Opportunities at the Top of the Funnel

Brand Awareness Ad Example

Increasing Brand Awareness

Easily recognized brands always generate more sales. That’s why, overwhelmingly, top-of-funnel efforts focus on just getting your name out there, whether that’s showing up in Google search results or on an Instagram feed. Just “being there” again and again subliminally sticks with your viewers. It’s even more powerful when you utilize strong branding—maintaining a few colors, elements, voice, and other assets that foster recognition.

Generating Leads

Many top-of-funnel tactics can generate leads, even if those leads are in the early stages of the buying process. Platforms like StackAdapt allow advertisers to collect first-party data, meaning you can capture the viewers that interact with your top-of-funnel ads. These leads can then be nurtured through the sales funnel in the form of retargeting ads, which aim to convert them into paying customers.

Building Trust and Credibility

Edelman cites that 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying. So, think about how you can display your values. Many companies do so in the form of pay-it-forward campaigns. For example, Subaru launched “Subaru Loves Pets,” a corporate donor initiative that dedicates funds to the ASPCA. The goal here was to say something about the auto manufacturer beyond its vehicles—they want to tell pet lovers “hey, we have something in common. Remember us when you’re at the dealership.”

Educating the Market

Top-of-funnel tactics can also serve to educate your target audience about why your industry matters. Without getting into product/service specifics—which are reserved for lower funnel initiatives—detail the problems you solve, especially if the market is emerging or niche. If your service is fraud insurance, make the case that identity theft is on the rise. If you sell organic food, describe what that certification entails.

Competitive Advantage

By being visible and proactive at the top of the funnel, you gain a competitive advantage over brands that only focus on lower-funnel activities. You can capture the attention of potential customers before your competitors do, reaching them before their need even arises. Think of a person who sees a local carpet cleaning ad months ago, but still remembers the business’ name when they spill wine in their living room.

To truly establish a strategic foothold in your market, you can’t skip the first step, which happens to be at the top. These often-overlooked top-of-funnel efforts offer benefits that extend beyond immediate returns. If you’re ready to develop a strategy that completely fills your marketing funnel, reach out!

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