Content Marketing

Keeping customers is more cost-effective than acquiring them.

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Compelling Narratives

Content marketing is older than the United States. When Ben Franklin started “Poor Richard’s Almanack” to stimulate his printing business, he hit upon a promotional goldmine that continues to produce to this day. If you give audiences consistent, valuable, relevant content they will reward you with their loyalty.

Our content marketing strategy begins and ends with story. While other marketing efforts drive traffic to your site, content marketing keeps them engaged for longer periods of time, creating brand addicts who thirst to know: what happens next?

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Search Engine Optimized

Our content creators fine-tune your text, optimize Meta descriptions and maximize other relevant factors so your narratives climb to the top of organic search engine results pages. After all, there’s no point in telling a great story if no one’s around to hear it.

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Keyword and Competitor Research

A good content marketing agency should offer you a thorough SEO analysis, uncovering the keywords that customers are using to find you and your competitors. Informatics does this, with a focus on “winnable” searches that drive visitors to your site. A digital marketing strategy grounded in keyword rich content can brand you a domain expert and drive business opportunities.

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Design-Focused Content Placement

Digital marketers have 50 milliseconds to make a good impression.

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The words are meaningful, but just as important is the arrangement of those words with images. Our holistic approach to digital marketing includes collaborative efforts from writers, graphic designers, developers, and security experts so your content reads great, looks great, and is always available on every device.

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