Email Marketing

Sending a message that matters.

The Informatics team plans an email campaign
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Custom Templates

Each business is unique. Our team of advanced digital marketers and graphic designers work in concert to invent eye-catching email templates that capture the spirit, voice, and style of your brand.

An email marketing strategy begins with content. Bite-sized scannable text, presented in a visually appealing layout, draws the recipient’s eye, and draws their interest. Clear calls to action then drive them to your site and through your sales funnel. Because after all, you’re not looking for readers, you’re looking for customers.

An email marketing strategy grounded in a striking signature template will signal to your customers that they can expect quality content, consistently delivered and precisely crafted to fit their needs. And what can you expect? Industry-leading open-rates, click-through-rates, and sales.

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List Management and Segmentation

Unrequited love is for teenagers. A mature email marketing agency focuses on the measurable returns that result from sending valuable content to customers who are primed to purchase. We don’t waste the time of our clients or their customers by cluttering inboxes with SPAM. Lists are meticulously groomed and maintained. If you have business in the European market, you can be assured that our email marketing strategies are 100% GDPR compliant. We send messages that make you money, avoiding the massive fines and penalties associated with unwanted communications and security breaches.

Detailed tracking tools inform our segmentation strategy, so the right people get the right messages at the right time, every time. Automation and detailed analysis enable our email marketers to efficiently give your audience the illusion that each message has been tailored just for them.

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A/B Testing and Ongoing Analysis

You’re familiar with A/B testing subject lines, but that only works to improve open rates. Informatics is an email marketing agency that is process driven and outcome obsessed. Before a single email is sent, we will map out your business goals, identify Key Performance Indicators, and then every element of your email campaign will be tested: content, header text, CTA placement. We exhaust every possibility to squeeze the most productivity out of your marketing budget.

Additional Services