5 Secrets of a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Oct 15, 2020 | Ecommerce

Chances are your competition doesn't know about these secrets - take advantage!

Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Shh, we're going to tell you a secret. Rather, we're going to tell you five secrets. These five secrets are the key to unleashing your powerful digital marketing strategy, just in time for a new year. Whether you are a solo act or a member of a marketing team, these secrets will catapult you to the next level in marketing and bring you that much closer to meeting your goals. Let's uncover what they are!

1. Tracking is the Cornerstone of All Marketing Efforts

Nothing you do matters if you aren't tracking it. You could be running the most successful Google Ad campaign or sending brilliant e-newsletters, but that is all utterly irrelevant if you aren't tracking, analyzing, and reporting on your outcomes. Tools that will enhance your tracking include Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager.

By now, most organizations have Google Analytics set up on their website (if you don't, stop what you're doing and add it!). However, this robust tool can quickly become overwhelming to the average user. That is where Google Data Studio comes in. This customizable reporting dashboard allows you to pull in exactly what you want to see from Google Analytics, as well as hundreds of other platforms. And none of this would be complete without tracking set up through Google Tag Manager. This tool will allow you to track button clicks, form submissions, resource downloads, video views, and so much more. Just as the tree falls in the forest, if you run a campaign without tracking, did it even perform?

2. Every Step of the Sales Funnel Should Be Covered

The sales funnel consists of four key areas. The first and largest is awareness. In marketing, this might be a Facebook brand awareness ad. The second and slightly smaller area is interest. Marketing initiatives focused on interest include Google Display Ads and blogging. Next is the consideration piece of the puzzle. This is where Google Search ads live. Finally, the smallest area is purchase. And this includes your website, contact forms, and sales team. To execute a cohesive marketing strategy, it is important that you utilize services in each of these four areas. Remember, in order to bring leads through the bottom of the funnel (purchase) you need to first fill the top of the funnel (awareness).

3. A Budget for Testing New Initiatives is Key to Growth

Consider earmarking a budget for testing new initiatives next year. Setting aside a monthly budget to test new-to-you platforms like Spotify, podcast ads, geofencing, and more, will ensure you are leaving room to expand your online presence. If you set an overall marketing budget and allocate 100% of those funds to pre-existing platforms, you will miss the opportunity to try new things and explore potentially more profitable avenues. 

4. Holidays and Events are Great Times to Run Facebook Ads

It may seem counterintuitive to run a Facebook ad on Thanksgiving - won't everyone be celebrating with family? Actually, holidays are the perfect time to run an ad as people are off work and spending quite a bit of time scrolling through Facebook. They are also doing online shopping and visiting their favorite websites. According to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, Edition XVI, 42% of respondents say they are most likely to be on social media during the holidays. Sporting events, award shows, and political events are also great times to be running social ads.

5. Micro-Influencers are a Game-Changing Resource

Consider utilizing social micro-influencers to boost your brand and grow your online presence. You may be familiar with the concept of a social media influencer. Do Kylie Jenner or your favorite Bachelor contestant come to mind? Micro-influencers are a much more scaled down (and affordable) version of this concept. They are powerful because they are relatable. And micro-influencers aren't just for retail brands. A nonprofit could partner with a local radio personality to share personal stories on why they give back. Or a bank could team up with a college student to promote savings tips. This is where you can get creative!  

Now that we have let you in our secrets, it is time to execute! If you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy or implementing any of the above services, contact Informatics Inc. today. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help.

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