Content Management Systems

Content is king, and it’s your turn to rule.

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A System of Understanding


Informatics is dedicated to understanding the content of your character. A website is a shiny soapbox for your company to develop its unique voice, increasing your visibility and broadcasting your message to the digital universe.

Content management systems can be a great tool for website builders. Taking advantage of pre-built templates and drag-and-drop design tools saves hours of expensive custom coding. Those savings get passed on to our clients.

Maybe the greatest advantage of using a content management system (CMS) for your professional web design is the ease with which you can make future updates. A CMS limits your reliance on a web developer and eliminates middle-men. You can update your blog. You can add new products. You can refresh the look with new branded imagery, all without external help.

Informatics empowers you to communicate your brand message by putting the right web tools in your hands. We can help you decide which type of content management system is right for your business. Our recommendations are the result of a thorough understanding of your business’ goals and an unrelenting pursuit of their successful accomplishment.

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Licensed CMS

Using a licensed CMS to build a website eliminates the risks associated with using plugins and open-source code that has not been vetted by the original developers. These closed systems may be less susceptible to security attacks but are often less-frequently updated with new and innovative functionality. They don’t benefit from the creative input of worldwide users.

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Open Source CMS

These highly configurable systems for managing web content are a dominant presence in the digital landscape. Wordpress, the largest of all open source CMS’s, is estimated to run 30% of the web. Informatics is an experienced Wordpress website builder, along with our proficiency in Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla!, and more. Open source platforms provide users incredible flexibility in utilizing unlimited developer tools created by users around the world.

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Custom CMS Applications

Your business is unique, and a content management system can be built to suit your highly specialized needs. Lean, mean, and focused, the website developers at Informatics can create a site from scratch that has every feature you require without carrying any excessive digital baggage. A custom CMS is fast, functional, and perfectly tailored to your business outcomes.

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