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Comprehensive Solutions

Informatics has been the expert in “All Things Internet” for over twenty years, and we really do mean “All.” Our web hosting services include an extensive evaluation of your business’ needs. When you’re looking for domain name registration, website hosting, e-commerce hosting, or application hosting – all the things – we have the product you need, backed up by the service you deserve.

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Progressive Technology

Modern businesses operate 24 hours a day, and we have the technology to ensure your site is functioning when a customer seeks you out. Our clustered, multi-server environment gives your website the horsepower and flexibility to handle potential disruptions and traffic inconsistencies. We invest in the industry’s best web hosting technology and techniques, and the dividends are seen every day in your site’s high performance.

Redundant monitoring systems, automatic load balancing, and servers spread across multiple geographical locations are a few of the technical features that set our web hosting services apart from the crowd of lesser competitors. The real differentiator? Our commitment to creating custom solutions that perfectly match your desired business outcomes.

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Worry-Free Service

Sleep easy at night knowing that your website is always on, always available for your customers, always ready to drive profitable business interactions. We take the worry out of web hosting. With robust, progressive traffic management, we strive to keep your site running smoothly regardless of traffic spikes.

Should you require assistance, our in-house technology team will be there to answer the call. We are proud to offer local support and maintenance and unique hosting configurations to our customers because we know you, and we know the importance of your business.

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Round-the-Clock Security

Above all other aspects of hosting, we focus on server security to keep your most important assets safe. Our team monitors the internet 24/7 to proactively block malicious attacks and keep your site operating securely. Our unmatched dedication to security monitoring is supported by daily data back-ups – even if an attacker wins a small battle, your valuable intellectual property is protected, and we win the war.

Additional Services