Custom Applications

Hungry for functionality? Forget the entrees and get yourself a custom app.

A team member works on a custom application for My County Parks
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Workflow Solutions

If you have a smartphone, then you probably think you know what apps are. Hail a car; get a late-night delivery; see what happens if you swap faces with your kitten. However, not all apps are customer-facing.

Businesses of all sizes are leveraging technical tools to automate their everyday tasks. According to a 2018 study by Filemaker,

76% of businesses using a custom app see a return on investment.

Automated business process management solutions can tackle communication, collaboration, data analysis, and myriad other commonplace activities. This frees leaders to do what they do best: lead.

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E-Commerce Systems

There are plenty of off-the-shelf products to choose from when you are establishing your online storefront. Our web application development team tunes into the exact frequency of your business’ objectives to create a web application that has all the profit-driving functionality you need without any noisy interference from unwanted features.

A medical application is illustrated on a desktop, phone, and tablet device

Specialized Applications

Your custom website or application will be built for speed, intuitive, and always accessible. Auto-generate invoices, receive payments, deliver personalized messages, there is no limit to the functions our web development experts can build into your app design.

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In-Depth Analysis

Filemaker’s State of Custom Apps Report revealed that 82% of custom app users saw a reduction in time spent on inefficient tasks and that data entry errors were reduced by 71%. A decrease in time wasted and an increase in data accuracy will allow you to push the boundaries of profitability and analysis.

A custom app can be configured to create instant real-time reports on your business processes, translating raw numbers into visual representations. Informatics’ rigorous process helps us understand your business, and through custom website and app design, we can help you understand your own business in new and valuable ways.

Additional Services