We make sure people are buying what you’re selling.

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Intuitive Shopper Experience

Grocery stores generate massive profits from candy bars and magazines by making them highly available, right at the point of sale. It’s an intuitive purchase. This principle can and should be applied to online sales – this is where Informatics steps in.

Our web development experts are well-versed in the most effective digital sales techniques and the feature-rich e-commerce platforms best suited to satisfy your business goals.

We are more than experts in optimizing your site with Shopify, Magento Ecommerce, and OpenCart platforms (among others). Informatics can help you choose the perfect platform based on dozens of available payment gateways, shipment methods, and other customizable configurations. Once you’ve selected the perfect tool for your business, we get the goods and services your audience prioritizes directly into a shopping cart, and that revenue directly into your pocket.

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Robust Inventory Maintenance

Informatics helps you imagine and execute simplified, easy and trustworthy interactions between buyers and sellers. This requires accurate management of your store’s behind-the-scenes information. Inventory, shipping, and efficient workflow tracking make sure that your products aren't just visible to a shopper, but that they're also available and delivered to customers on time, every time.

Does your e-commerce site require plugins or APIs for third-party integration? Our development team understands the business of business. Open-source or proprietary we will find the e-commerce platform that fits your goals and craft an interface that makes customers thrilled to part with their cash.

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Streamlined Checkout Process

We create sleek checkouts that eliminate obstacles between customer desire and purchase, super-charging their journey through the sales funnel. But speed is irrelevant without security. Trust is everything. Every e-commerce website designed by Informatics conforms to the industry’s highest security standards.

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