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What is ROC-P?

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) was using a patchwork of paper record-keeping and various non-communicative applications to manage their thousands of diplomates from across the country.

Informatics saw their problem and fixed it, creating a web-based custom application that would meet the demands of a prestigious board certifying organization.

ROC-P is a cutting-edge, unified platform currently used by a variety of certification boards. These organizations collectively serve over 30,000 users within the ROC-P system.

Visit the ROC-P website to learn more about how this intelligent, accurate and secure Certifying Board Management System (CBMS) can take your organization to new peaks of excellence in as few as 4 weeks.

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Why ROC-P?

At ROC-P we know what’s important. It's the people.

Our staff understands your certifying organizations’ multi-faceted needs and delivers innovative technology solutions for an unparalleled user experience. Our Certifying Board Management System (CBMS) centralizes data in a user-friendly interface that is constantly available. ROC-P saves time, money, and helps your organization achieve its business objectives and goals.

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For Directors

ROC-P simplifies workflows for accreditation boards. Board members access a custom portal, thoughtfully designed to inform leadership. A unified cloud-based system helps boards avoid the costly infrastructure, inconsistencies, and security risks associated with using an unwieldy patchwork of disparate applications.

Forge a new path for organizational excellence with the aid of a powerful Certifying Board Management System. Achieve optimal efficiency with robust functionality and precise information, updated in real-time, because impeccably accurate data, organized in an intuitive and easy-to-use format, enables a board of directors to promote organizational growth and success.

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For Staff

ROC-P streamlines processes, freeing you and your staff from low-value tasks. Automated primary source verification and bulk result delivery can decrease time spent on requests by up to 75%, and this is just one of many ROC-P tools designed to grow your organization.

ROC-P’s user-friendly portal puts immense power in the hands of administrative staff. An internet connection and an electronic device are all you need to manage your entire organization from any location at any time. You can rapidly double or triple your capacity, opening your doors to new diplomates and new streams of revenue.

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