3 Steps to Get Started With Google Analytics

Jun 10, 2014 | Google Analytics / Tracking

If you are new to Google Analytics check out these 3 simple steps to get started.


Google Analytics and website statistics are an important part of monitoring the performance of your online campaigns. If you are just starting out, where do you begin? What should you do to start using Google Analytics?

Have no fear, here are the 3 things you should do to get Google Analytics up and running.

1) Add the code NOW

This may seem obvious but the first and most important step (after you have set up an account) is to add the analytics tracking code to your website. Once you have added this code you will start tracking information. It does not pull in any historical data so the sooner you add it the better.

2) Determine Your Goals

What are your online goals? Are you trying to gain prospects, sales, visits etc.? Start by identifying what your ultimate goal is and what you want to monitor. Then determine what you want to target specifically,  such as a 10% increase in sales or gaining 15 prospects per month. Make the goal SMART.

3) Find the Reports that Match your Goals

There are hundreds of reports and data points available in Google Analytics. By identifying your goals (in the previous step) you can now find the report that best matches. Remember that reports are located on the left side once you log in.

If you need help with your website analytics account, contact Informatics.

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