Google Ads – New Look, Same Extensions

Nov 17, 2016 | Google Ads

There is a free and easy-to-use tool available in AdWords to create unique ads and Google is now enhancing it!

Google Adwords

It is simple, but effective. After winning the Google AdWords auction, you need ways to stand out from your competitors on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). After taking care of the basics such as creating good ad copy and a call to action, what other ways can you set yourself apart? Not only is there a free and easy-to-use tool available in AdWords to assist with this, but Google is enhancing it!

Ad Extensions are the text and information that you see underneath some ads. There are automatic site extensions that can be enabled such as customer rating, but you can customize your ad to provide your prospective customers with more information to entice them to click. The long standing extensions include:

  • App Extensions – Provides a link for users to download your app.

  • Call Extensions – Displays business phone numbers and ‘Click to Call’ functions for an improved mobile experience. 

  • Location Extensions – Provides your address and a link to Google Maps.

  • Sitelink Extensions - Displays links to areas of your website your users want to see such as store hours and menus.

  • Callout Extensions – Shows descriptive text for you to highlight offers such as free shipping.

In July, Google first rolled out the ability to feature price extensions and they are already updating it to improve the look and user experience. The new look will show prices that you provide below your ad as swipeable cards. This can be used for more than just products! If your company is featuring events or highlighting services, this feature is a great way to give prospective customers more information and get more qualified clicks to your site!

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