5 Things to Spice Up Your Email Designs 2017

Aug 1, 2017 | Email Marketing

Ready for a Redesign?


There are simple things you can do to make your emails pop in order to increase engagement and open-rates on your campaigns. Try out these tricks in your next email and let the results show your boosted performance!

You have tons of colors at your fingertips, so use them! Whitespace is a necessity but adding a splash of color where it counts is what will make specific messages stand out. Don’t go crazy with this newfound approach; popular colors seem to range within the pastel family. But if you really are hooked on using that highlighter green… implement another major trend, a gradient, to help tone it down.

Want a sure way to grasp your viewer’s attention? Add a big photo at the very top of your email that relates to your topic. Find a photo that uses a variety of colors and is big enough to be pushed to the edges of the email template you’re creating. We’re not saying slap a photo on there and you’re good to go. Make sure there’s text followed by a relevant call-to-action button placed on top so you have a clear message to send.

You don’t need to be a designer to understand typography. If a font looks good within your design, use it! Testing out various fonts will not only add an extra creative edge to your email but it will also help balance your visual hierarchy when done right. The most recent trend that works is pairing large, bold serifs with a smaller, non-serif. Want to start out easy? Do some brief research on which fonts complement each other and take it from there.

Symbols help consumers understand your message before even having to read the first word. Take advantage of using icons within your email body to list services, products, and any other content you’re promoting. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, people love lists. Icons are the perfect way to replace that boring old bullet point.

Boxes keep everything organized. The best part about them is that they stack on top of each other nicely in responsive design. Big competitors are giving their emails a Tetris feel using boxes to highlight content in this way. It is a clean, versatile approach to email design and can present an effective hierarchy of information.

  • A Splash of Color
  • An Edge-to-Edge Photo
  • A Variety of Fonts
  • A Bundle of Icons
  • A Box of Content…or 10

Now for the closing argument; are you thinking of an email redesign now that you know what you’re missing out on? Contact Informatics today to generate unique email designs tailored to what your company is all about!

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