The Positive Impact of Four Oaks on Our Community

Aug 3, 2020

Since their formation in 1973, Four Oaks has come a long way from a rural home in Cedar Rapids. Each passing day they are helping more and more children and families thrive in our community. Take a look at how they do this and how they've adapted to a COVID-19 world.

Since their formation in 1973, Four Oaks has made it their mission to help children grow to become successful adults. No matter the situation, each member of this group is eager to empower children and families in order to help them achieve stability and self-sufficiency. Offering a wide variety of programs across much of Eastern Iowa, Four Oaks can help in situations including behavioral health, foster care, emergency temporary care, and trouble in the classroom. Additionally, they have started a project to revitalize homes in the Wellington Heights area to help increase single family ownership and decrease crime. No problem is too big or small for Four Oaks to jump in and help in any way possible.

Like many other organizations, the operations at Four Oaks were severely impacted upon the arrival of COVID-19. Being that their focus is humanitarian-based, most, if not all, of their day-to-day requires physical contact. To combat this, their team knew they had to try their best to continue delivering the same services they offer but simultaneously find a way to do so safely

However, the Four Oaks team doesn't let these struggles bring down their devotion and ingenuity when it comes to helping. In the face of turmoil, their commitment to each family's success and growth is unwavering.

How to Help

Help from the community is one of the best ways for an amazing organization like this to thrive. Donations, fundraising events, and volunteer work are all effective methods to help the Four Oaks staff strengthen and meet their goals. Consider becoming a member or taking part in a fundraiser! For more information on how you can help, check back with their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles regularly to stay updated on all of their current events.




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