Tech Predictions for 2019

Jan 23, 2019 | Web Design

Informatics' partner, Maureen Kler Osako, shares her tech predictions for 2019 with the Corridor Business Journal.

Informatics in Corridor Business Journal

"We are very optimistic as we head into 2019 in terms of market demand and opportunities. Even with the recent market hiccups, our clients across all industry sectors continue to use the internet to reach prospects and serve current customers. Online continues to fundamentally change the way we do business and those companies who have made online a priority are pulling ahead of those who have been slower to adapt to these changes.

We believe trends for next year will be increased personalization, effective data mining, artificial intelligence and security.

When it comes to data, we see companies struggling to make sense of all the data they have collected -- the holy grail for all companies is the ability to make effective data-based decisions utilizing all available information. Companies we have helped with this have found it to be a fundamental change in the way they are making decisions."

- Maureen Osako

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